10 Tips for Worried Parents Regarding Exams

10 Tips for Worried Parents Regarding Exams

Exams are round the corner, and it is obvious that you are worried about your child’s exam preparations. This worry is more exaggerated because of frequent changing of exam rules. We are here by giving some tips to avoid such stress and improve performance of your child in exams.

Parents’ role in their child’s performance in exams is highly under-appreciated. But the problem comes they themselves become stressed. Parents has to provide the the right kind of motivation and a conducive environment.

10 Tips for Parents to Help their Child in Exams

  • Help your child in self-discipline, self-direction, self-confidence and sense of achievement
  • Help in keeping his/her confidence high. This is especially important, when he/ she is discouraged due to bad performance
  • Your anxiety should not effect your child
  • Set goals realistically, as per your child’s capabilities. Not everyone can get 90+ marks in Math
  • Keep family conflicts to minimum. Academics are effected due to that
  • Praise the child when he/ she does well. Even short encouragements like “well done” and “very good” helps in boosting confidence
  • Help the child in sorting out the schedule, instead of giving only lectures
  • Do not keep reminding them of their failures
  • Your sense of humour is very important to relieve the exam tension
  • Exams are not end of the world. You should understand that not everyone is made for studies.

Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar never excelled in exams, but they excelled in their respective fields

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