20 Most Powerful Tips for Students (#4 will Surprise You the Most)

20 most powerful tips of students

On popular demand, we have compiled a list of powerful tips for students to help them in studies and exams. We understand that you are going through tough times in coping with studies, exams, extra circular activities and social life. Here are few tips to help you-

  1. Golden Rule- Speak less, listen more. Ratio is 1:3. (applicable to social and personal life)
  2. If someone is stupid enough to walk away from you, you need to be smart enough to let them go and pursue your life (applicable to social life)
  3. Fast food tastes good. But healthy food is good for your body. At this point, think about long term. (applicable to social life)
  4. No one is perfect. It’s perfectly fine to be messy. (applicable to academic life)
  5. You don’t need to know about everyone else. Don’t lose your individuality. Invest your time in your own life. (applicable to social life)
  6. Avoid tea, coffee and cold drinks whenever possible. Health first. (applicable to social life)
  7. Know your limitations, so that you don’t repeat the mistakes. (applicable to academics)
  8. Social media is only an illusion. Let it go. (applicable to social life)
  9. Your life will be your legacy. Make most of it.(applicable to academics)
  10. Golden Rule: Stay low key (applicable to everything)
  11. Spread education if you can. It can change someone’s life. There is no harm in helping your friends, you will learn something new. (applicable to academics)
  12. Learn to stay connected with yourself. Your social life can wait. (applicable to social life)
  13. Spirituality helps. It can give you new meaning of life (applicable to personal life)
  14. Be thirsty for knowledge. Knowledge is power, the more you have, the better. (applicable to academics)
  15. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy and optimistic. (applicable to personal life)
  16. Be a provider of answers, rather than questions. (applicable to academics)
  17. Let go people or things, which are holding you back. Your life, your rules (applicable to academics and social life)
  18. Be a prolific reader. More you read, the better. (applicable to academics and personal life)
  19. Be calm and still in all situations and avoid worrying too much.(applicable to academics and exams)
  20. Exercise on a regular basis (applicable to life)


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Hope this article helped in some ways to sort out complications of life.

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