CBSE 2017 Class 12 Accountancy: Question Paper and Solution Download

CBSE 2017 class 12 Accountancy paper

CBSE 2017 Class 12 Accountancy- In this article, we are going to analyse CBSE 2017 Class 12 Accountancy question paper. You will also be able to free download the Accountancy question paper in pdf format. The Accountancy paper was conducted on 29th March, 2017.

CBSE 2017 Solved Question Papers for Class 12

CBSE 2017 Class 12 Accountancy:Question Paper & Solution Download

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CBSE 2017 Class 12 Accountancy: Question Paper Analysis

CBSE 2017 Class 12 Accountancy paper was tough for some and easy for others. It totally depends whom you ask this question. At least one thing is sure that it was tougher than Business Studies paper. Some students even complained about questions asked being out of syllabus. Few questions were not usually asked in board exams. The long questions (Section B) in the paper were straight, but the short questions (Section A) were from unexpected chapters.

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The students had prepared thoroughly from NCERT textbooks and previous year question papers were able to solve the question paper easily. Students who only prepare for exams, without trying to understand the underlying concept, were most affected.

CBSE 2017 Class 12 Accountancy: Question Paper Pattern

  • The Accountancy question paper was divided in two sections- Section A and B.
  • Time duration of the exam was three hours
  • Section A- 17 Questions on Accounting for Partnership Firm and Companies
  • Section B- 5 Questions on Analysis of Financial Statements

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