Class 10 -Time Management, Scheduling & Preparation Tips

class 10 time management

Time table for study at home Class 10 – this article gives you pure hints which helps you to pump up your score in Class 10 Board exams. Everyone wants to achieve a great score. Best way to achieve that would be to have great Class 10 Time Management skills. However, you have to put the effort in to get there. It isn’t easy, but it is not impossible. A perfect plan allows you to get the most out of your studying every day. Study plans help you focus, which leads to better memorisation and recalls.

So, make a time table and stick to it. Stay consistent. You’ll receive the results you want through your strong determination, self-discipline, and great study habits. You can change the timetable as per your preferences and routine but don’t stress yourself either.

Learn more about study plans here. We help you in preparing your time table, we will also guide you in time management along with some if the best study tips.

CBSE 2018 Class 10 Date Sheet

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Class 10 -Time Management Techniques

Study according to your mindset:

Some students are morning birds while others are dark knights. Know when you are fresh and happy, and use this time for difficult topics and theoretical revisions. When you feel sleepy and dull, start doing practical problems, make mind maps or pick up easier topics. Active engagements will help your brain to keep switched on the alert mode.

Choose a place and time:

Having a fixed comfortable place to study and a fixed study schedule helps your mind to re-position itself to study mode entirely by sitting down to study. A week before your exams, this place might turn to be a confidence booster, allowing you to concentrate completely during the exams.

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Weightage and prioritise:

First study the important topics that carry more weightage in the exam. Then, move on to other topics.

Take study breaks:

Study for more than 50 minutes at a stretch and utilize the next 10 minutes in an hour to go outside for a walk, eat fruits and snacks or simply just take a shower.

Final strategy:

If its exam eve, it is not advisable to pick up new topics until you have revised everything else. Study well and study smart.

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Class 10 – Study Time Table

Clock timeActivity timeDescription
5.30am45minWake up and get ready to school
6.15am30minStudy- session 1
6.45am15minDepart to school
1.30pm15minReturn from school
1.45pm30minGet fresh
2.30pm120minStudy – session 2
4.30pm120minSports, games
6.30pm30minRelax, prepare for tomorrow
7.00pm60minStudy – session 3
8.30pm120minStudy – session 4
10.30pm30minStudy – session 5


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Class 10 – Scheduling


The early morning hours is the best time to study and in the entire day mind isn’t this attentive. You might feel drowsy but whatever you read during this hour, will stay with you for a long time. Since it is morning time, you can just read like a magazine. It is like getting acquainted with the syllabus for the days study. If nothing, just flip the pages and go through important formulas.

Homework & School Work

Do complete your homework as soon as you return from school. That’s one less task for the day. If you don’t have homework for a day, go through what was taught today in school. However, make it a point to indulge in sports, gaming, the Internet or whichever form of entertainment suits you. It is very essential to help recharge your brain and also for rejuvenating your body and mind.

Time for Difficult Subject

You can identify two subjects that you find the most difficult. One hour you can dedicate to those subjects. You can study them every alternate day or every 3 days.

Other Subjects

You can pick up the easier ones during this time. There will be four subjects left, out of which certain subjects can be distributed into two parts. So, you can study for 4-5 subjects six days in a week.

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2017-18 pdf

Daily Revision

Here you have to revise all the study that you had done today in the other two sessions. It is like an oral test on your own.


Try having a weekly revision and a written test of what you studied during the weekdays. Alternatively, if you like studying in the morning, you can move one of the evening sessions to early morning at 4 am or 5 am.

Well, if you don’t feel like studying on these days, just do whatever you want. Maybe catch up with friends, go for a family outing, watch movies. This is one day you deserve to take it easy.

Note: If you have homework, please forget about relaxing  and focus on your work.

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Class 10 – Study Tips 

  • Try waking up 1 hour before you generally get up to get ready for school.
  • Revise the lessons that were taught in school the previous day.
  • Read subjects that need to be memorized like History, Geography, etc. in the afternoon after lunch. Make sticky notes of things that are difficult to remember.
  • Please avoid listening to music, watching television, text messaging or surfing the Internet while studying.
  • Do not study past 11 – 11:30 P.M.


Keep yourself calm, positive and confident.

In case of any questions on Class 10 Time Management, feel free to write to us in the below given comment section.

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  1. Hi, sir I am a student of class 10 of business studies and I need a study timetable for me as my school time at to 12pm and in the 4-8pm I have coaching calss. Pls give me suggest how to make a best routine for best rustle. pls help me. Pls pls

  2. When we read it and think about it that it is so amazing but when we start following it , after two or three days we feel bored of it
    So What was thesolution of that?😑😑😑

  3. Hi sir I m a student of class 10th and I need a study timetable for me As mt school is from 11:30am to 5:00 pm and in morning I have coaching classes For maths physics and chemistry 8:00 Am so I m confused in how to make a better timetable for me to give time for studies.