Class 11 Math – Ten Most Important Questions by CBSE

class 11 math important questions

In this post, we are going to provide you 10 most important questions of Math exam. You should be knowing answers to these questions in all likelihood to score good marks in Class 11 Math exam.

CBSE Class 11 Math – Ten Important Questions

  1. In how many of the distinct permutations of the letters in MISSISSIPPI do the four I’s not come together?
  2. Let the sum of n, 2n, 3n terms of an A.P. be S1, Sand S3 respectively, show that S3 = 3(S2 – S1).
  3. Find coordinates of the foot of perpendicular from the point (3,-4) to line 4x – 15y + 17 = 0.
  4. Find the equation of the circle which passes though the points (3,7), (5,5) and has its centre on the line x – 4y = 1.
  5. A group of two persons is to be selected from two boys and two girls. What is the probability that the group will have (a) two boys (b) one boy (c) only girls
  6. Find the point in XY-plane which is equidistant from three points A(2,0,3), B(0,3,2) and C(0,0,1).
  7. A market research group conducted a survey of 1000 consumers and reported that 720 consumers like product A and 450 consumers like product B. What is the least number that must have liked both products?
  8. Solve for x: 2 cos2 x+3 sin x = 0.
  9. Find the centroid of a triangle, mid-points of whose sides are (1, 2, – 3), (2, 0, 1) and (- 1, 1, – 4).
  10. If the ratio of the coefficients of 3rd and 4th terms in the expansion of (x- 1/2x)n is 1: 2 then find the value of n.


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