CBSE Class 12 Chemistry: How to Get 90+ Marks

Cbse class 12 tips to study chemistry

Dear CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Students,

In this article, we will tell you how to score more than 90 marks in Chemistry exam. These tips will increase your proficiency in learning the chemistry subject.

You must be willing to accept the academic challenge of learning chemistry. For some people, it is fun and for others it is hard work, but no matter it takes time. It requires persistence, concentration, discipline, patience and lots and lots of practice.

All you need is to go through this article and adapt the ways that have been suggested for your effective study of the CBSE Class 12 chemistry subject.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 2018

Simple Tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam

  1. Go through NCERT Books.
  2. Jot down the important points during the study.
  3. Highlighted important points can be re-read on the day of the examination.
  4. Try to make notes which will help you to save time during revision times.
  5. Make flowcharts of reactions.
  6. Solve sample papers for reasoning problems.
  7. Write formula to memorise Physical Chemistry
  8. Study Organic Chemistry first.
  9. Try to understand your study rather than memorising.
  10. Use Flashcards during study.
  11. Know the marks each chapter carries. At the last minute, focus on oxidizing, reducing properties & some special properties of these compounds.
  12. Approximately 10 marks are reserved for higher order thinking skill questions.
  13. Last three chapters can be really scoring as these constitute slightly more than 14% of the total paper.
  14. Remember – organic chemistry makes up a big chunk of the JEE Advanced question paper. It’s important to be thorough with this section to do well in the exams!

CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2017-18

How to Score More than 90 Marks in Class 12 Chemistry

  • To score well in physical chemistry, you need to be good in calculation and formula application. You should have a list of important formulas. Practice numerical questions based each formula. You also need to revise the theory part. Important chapters like electrochemistry and chemical kinetics should be given special attention.
  • To score well in inorganic chemistry, you need far more practice. You should be thorough with NCERT Chemistry book. The same will also help you in other competitive exams as well. You should prepare list of various processes, reactions and preparations. As per previous year papers, the questions are directly asked from the textbook. Little attention to inorganic chemistry will help you a lot in scoring more than 90 marks in chemistry.
  • People who love organic chemistry generally score high in Chemistry. This is very interesting topic and easy to understand basic concepts. Mugging will not help. In the last minute, you can focus on named reactions in haloalkenes and haloarenes, distinguishing tests between
    • Aldehyde-Ketone
    • Phenols-Carboxylic Acid
    • 1°, 2°, 3° amines
    • 1°, 2°, 3° alcohols
  • You should also practice questions related to acidic and basic characters, melting and boiling points, comparison of isomeric compounds, mechanism of reactions like Reimer – Tiemann; Aldol; Kolbe; SN1, SN2
  • Topics – biomolecules, polymer and chemistry in everyday life comprise 10 marks. It is very easy to score in them.
  • Maintain your calm in the examination hall. Read the questions properly before starting to answer.
  • For long answers, you should first prepare a rough sketch of the answer. For short or very short answer questions, you need to be crisp and give straight answer to the problem.

CBSE Class 12 Question Paper 2016 Solved pdf

Try to keep yourself calm, positive and confident.

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