CBSE Class 12 History Chapter Wise important Questions


In this article, you can find Class 12 History important questions. You can download all the questions free of cost in PDF format. These questions will help you in your Class 12 exams.

The below given question papers are based on the latest Class 12 History syllabus and last few years CBSE Class 12 History papers.

CBSE Class 12 History – Important Questions

CBSE Class 12 History – Topics

Here we are providing you important questions for the following topics for Class 12 History students

  • Ancient India
  • An Imperial capital Vijayanagar
  • Bakthi Sufi traditions changes religious beliefs
  • Bricks breads and bones of the Harrappan civilisation
  • Colonial cities urbanisation planning and architecture
  • Colonialism and countryside exploring official archives
  • Framing the new constitution and new era
  • Kings farmers and town and state economics
  • Kings and the chronicles of Mughal courts
  • Kinship caste and class early societies
  • Map work
  • Mahatma Gandhi and nationalist movement
  • Medieval India
  • Modern India
  • Peasants Zamindars and the states
  • Rebels and the raj revolt of 1857 and its representations
  • Though the eyes of travellers perceptions of society
  • Understanding Partitions politics memories experience

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