CBSE Class 12 Math: Past 10 Years Question Papers


CBSE Class 12 Math 10 Years Question Papers- In this article, we will give you CBSE Class 12 Math pasts 10 years question papers. Class 12th examination is the most crucial time for class 12 CBSE board exam people as the marks obtained in these exams would decide the future of the students and their choice of higher studies. It is also important for students to plan their preparation well with their hard work and sincerity. Knowing the subjects, important topics and strategising accordingly can save time and also enable stress-free preparation.

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CBSE Class 12- Past Year Math Question Papers

Class 12 Math Important Questions

How to Prepare for Board Exams Class 12

Importance of Past Year CBSE Papers

They help you determine the style of questions you should expect in your exam. At times, we know that the answer but we just didn’t know what the question was asking! Doing past papers are a great way to overcome that. The more papers you do, the more accustom you’ll be to the writing style of questions.

Doing past papers also highlight your strengths and the areas needed to be developed. Often we keep revising a topic that we are strongest in simply because we feel more comfortable. Well doing past papers will make it clear to you that you need to put down those topics and pick up the ones that you aren’t doing so well on. This way your revision technique will be more refined and suited to you.

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CBSE Class 12 Math- Quick Tips

Most of the questions have very similar pattern as in the NCERT text book. It also includes additional exercises of NCERT. It is absolutely necessary that one goes through every question in the book.

  1. Solve the 10 years question paper provided in this article.
  2. Knowing the definitions is important. There are a few questions that can be completely solved only if one knows the definitions (i.e. definition of a Function, Direction Ratios, Singular Matrices and etc.). Prepare flash cards for formulae and revise them daily
  3. One six-marker will be from Linear Programming, one from Area Under Curves and one from Differential Equations.
  4. Couple of four-markers will be from Integrals and Differentiate functions
  5. There are few questions that require the candidates to prove the given statements or equations. These are mostly from the NCERT text books.
  6. Calculus has more weightage, so spend a lot of time on it. But also the topics such as Probability, Algebra and Linear Programming should not be ignored as the problems from these topics are quite easy and straight forward.
  7. Pay special attention to the previous years’ exams papers and solve them under the stipulated time.
  8. When solving calculus and algebra questions, always mention which property you have used.
  9. Definite integration and inverse of a matrix require practice. So if you are starting them now, it is better to leave them.
  10. Vectors and 3D require clear with the concepts.For probability, the way you present your answer is very important.
  11. Never spend too much time on one question, then only you will be able to finish complete examination in time.

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