How is the overall percentage for CBSE 12th calculated?

Calculate 12th percentage

CBSE Class 12 Percentage Calculation – In this article, we will tell you how to calculate 12th percentage in 6 subjects. When you have to calculate the percentage for 5 subjects without including the additional subject then, average of marks in all subjects is taken. For subjects which include practicals, marks of theory and practicals in total make 100 and their sum as a whole is counted.

In the recently concluded seminar in Delhi University by CBSE, one of the most frequently asked question was, how to calculate 12th percentage. It seems students are simply incapable of calculating 12th percentage. They need some kind of percentage calculator for 12th. Most of the problems happen in case of 6th subject or additional subject. However, CBSE rules here are very clear. In the below article, we have tried to clear all kind of doubts on how to calculate 12th percentage.

When additional subject is included then you must calculate percentage by considering the best five subject’s mark and are chosen for averaging. But the marks of English and Math are always included.

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5 Subjects Only – CBSE Class 12 Percentage Calculation

CBSE has sent a letter to all school for the determination of 5 subjects in Class 12 for the percentile estimation by the different school across the nation, here are the points of interest of the same.

1. Result data is to be provided for ALL APPEARED Candidates in Full subjects with indication of Stream Code:

  • Science-Medical SCI-M
  • Science – Non-Medical SCI-N
  • Science – Both(Medical & Non-Medical SCI-B)
  • Commerce – COMM
  • Arts & Humanities – HUMA
  • Vocational – VOC
  • Other – OTH

2.(a) Placement of Subjects in the Result Database should be in the following order:
Subject-1: One Compulsory Language with higher marks
Subject-2 to Subject-5: Another Language and three Electives
Four Electives
Subject-6 : Additional subject offered/ allowed, if any

Note : Subject-1 to Subject-5 must conform to Scheme of Studies and are compulsory.

(b) For Science Stream – Non-Medical :

Subject-1: Compulsory Language with higher marksSubject-2: Any other Language/Elective with higher marks (other than Subject-1 and Subject-3 to Subject-5
Subject-3 to Subject-5 (even if the marks in the subjects are lower) must be as follows:
Subject-3: Physics
Subject-4: Mathematics
Subject-5: Any one out of – Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Biology (Botany & Zoology)/
Biotechnology with higher marks

(c) If it is compulsory to study 6 subjects as per Scheme of Studies in a board, subject with lowest marks (other than compulsory subjects for the stream) be treated as Additional Subject.

For Percentile calculation and Normalisation of Marks, Subject-1 to Subject-5 shall be taken into consideration.

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3. If a candidate has appeared in LESS Number of Subjects in current year (i.e. Less than 5 subjects) – due to supplementary Exam / Compartment Exam / Arrear  and has cleared/passed  the exam in the current year. Subjects passed in previous year(s) and subjects passed in current year are combined into a single record and supplied. Passing year be treated as current year.

4. If a candidate appears for ‘Improvement of Performance’, the candidate has to appear in all subjects as per Scheme of Studies of the Board i.e. the candidate must appear in Subject-1 to Subject-5 (OR) Subject-1 to Subject-6. Data should be provided for such candidates also.

CBSE Class 12 Percentage Calculation for Universities

For admission in universities like Delhi University or Mumbai University, your best four subject marks are considered. Here, you cannot include vocational subjects like physical education/home science while calculating. Also, it is mandatory to include one language subject.

CBSE Class 12 Percentage Calculation for Exams

For JEE and Engineering colleges, PCM and English are compulsory along with one more subject (depending upon the high score from rest 2 subject).

CBSE Class 12 Percentage Calculation for Job Resume

In resume, you can write best of five percentage. You should include English marks, while calculating percentage.


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If you need any more information on CBSE Class 12 Percentage Calculation, feel free to write in the comment section below. In similar way, you have to calculate 12th science percentage.

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  1. the above article talks about percentile calculation which is different from percentage calculation , please correct that.

  2. Is there anyway that i can actually see the letter sent to schools by cbse? if so please include a link to the original letter

  3. I have physics, chemistry, maths, english, computer science and additional subject i.e. physical education.Will my percentage be count with Physics in which I have scored lowest or with physical education in which I have scored very well marks than Physics??I have to mention it on my resume.

  4. I have physics, chemistry, maths, english, computer science and additional subject i.e. physical education. Will my percentage be count with computer science in which I have scored lowest or with physical education in which I have scored very well marks than computer science.??
    Plzz reply….

  5. is it necessary to add accounts and economics in the best five if i have a scored higher in physical education(sixth subject)??

  6. English- 78
    Maths – 59
    Physics – 62
    Chemistry -64
    Physical education – 65
    Painting -97
    Sir please calculate my percentage correctly

  7. Hey
    I have PCME+Phe+Typography.
    Now i am applying for Airforce.
    They are asking for aggreate percentage.
    Which i should count???
    I have more marks in Typo than Phe.
    Pls tell me

  8. सर मेरा प्रतिशत कितना होगा, केन्द्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड 12th, 2012
    HINDI CORE – 85
    HISTORY – 88
    GEOGRAPHY – 75
    ECONOMICS – 57

    सर कृपया करके जल्द से जल्द प्रतिशत बताये

    • It depends on where you are applying. Some colleges specifically mention, which subjects to consider. If not mentioned, then you can leave 5th subject and consider 6th subject

  9. i have overall percentage 76 in five subject i.e. maths,physics,chemistry,english,physical education in aggregate .am i eligible for taking admission in NIT

  10. I have 49% in +2 by calculating best of five( English, physical education, business studies, economics, accountancy).
    After one year i applied for additional subject punjabi. Now can i include punjabi marks also for calculating %age instead of physical education.

  11. Plz plz plz reply ….
    Can I calculate my best five subjects except math for job resume or filling gov job form….
    But I include English marks as per cbse rule

  12. I want to confirm why orissa higher education calculating six papers of cbse to obtain percentage for plus three admission instead of best five.