CBSE Topper’s Interview

CBSE Topper's Interview

This article is voice of toppers. Every student who wants to ace board exams should go through this article to know more on what the toppers say. These CBSE Topper’s Interview will help you in knowing the tips and tricks the CBSE toppers have used to top in their CBSE Board exams.

Experts have interviewed some toppers of CBSE Board exams where they have spoken about the pressure of exams and their study techniques. The bright minds spoke about their schedule and shared the things they followed for their CBSE board exams preparation.

CBSE Topper’s Interview

Raksha Gopal – CBSE Class 12 Topper (2017) – 99.6% marks – “Students often focus on quantity of the syllabus but it is the quality of what you have studied that helps you score in boards”(Courtesy India Today)

Bhumi Sawant De – CBSE Class 12 Second topper (2017) – 99.4% marks – “Be focused on studies and give your best. As hard-work is the key to every success, so don’t be depressed.” (Courtesy India Today)

Sukriti Gupta – CBSE Class 12 Second topper (2016) – 99.4% – “Follow NCERT books strictly, not fall into study 14 hours a day trap and not expect any last minute miracles.” (Courtesy The Hindu)

Aditya Jain – CBSE Class 12 (2017)- 99.2% – “It does not matter if you study 8 hours or 6 hours. But when you study, it should only be about the books and you and nothing else.” (Courtesy Times of India)

Bhumi Sawant – CBSE Class 12 (2017)- 99.4% – “Studying at home apart from the regular classes is crucial for excelling in exams.” (Courtesy Times of India)

CBSE Board Exam Tips

  • How to Study?:  All you require to do is follow up with your syllabus and study for an hour or two. Write and rewrite everything you study. It isn’t a matter of studying or remembering before the exams, it’s that you understand things and it should be like you could teach yourself. Just make your studying a fun activity.
  • The best time to study: Choose a time where you can study well and when you can feel fresh minded. It should help you concentrate better. It may be morning or evening. Try approaching that iffy-looking question with an open mind. Should you find yourself stuck or zoning out, close your eyes, take a 20-second brain-breather. Then refocus and carry on.
  • Stress busters: Study must be your priority but you can’t just shift gears this easy and become a bookworm. There is no need to sacrifice your leisure time and study according to your timetable. Getting good results is important but not at the cost of ruining your mental state.
  • Health: Students and parents should take utmost care of their diet in the last one month and should avoid falling sick. Monitoring the diet is very important in the last one month as what you eat should not lead to stress and ill health.
  • Battling the parental pressure: More than students, it is the parents who put pressure on their kids. Try not to lose your concentration and stay focused
  • Try your best: There is no need to be influenced by other things and you should try your best

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