Class 10 Science – Ten Most Important Questions by CBSE

Class 10 Science important questions

Class 10 Science Important Questions – In this post, we are going to provide you 10 most important questions of Science exam. You should be knowing answers to these questions in all likelihood to score good marks in Class 10 board science exam. Class 10 Science Important Questions

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Class 10 Science Important Questions

  1.  List the raw materials needed for the manufacture of baking soda. Write the balanced chemical equation for this. What happens when baking soda is heated? Write chemical equation.
  2. You are given samples of three metals – sodium, magnesium and copper. Suggest any two activities to arrange them in order of their decreasing reactivity.
  3. (a) Mention two observations which you will make on heating ferrous sulphate crystals in a boiling tube.  (b) On placing a zinc plate in copper sulphate solution, it was observed that the zinc plate develops holes after a few days. Give chemical equation to explain this. (c) Silver chloride turns grey when exposed to sunlight. Give chemical equation to explain it.
  4. On returning home, Neha, a IXth std. Student noticed that her brother Naresh, was watching T.V in the afternoon with all the lights and tans on. She noticed that the windows were closed and curtains were drawn, which made the room dark, so, Naresh had put on the lights. She calmly opened the window drew the curtains aside, which illuminated and aerated the room. Then she made Naresh put off the lights and made him understand the reason behind her action. (Assume that they are getting electric supply from Thermal Power Plant). (a) List two values exhibited by Neha. (b) Explain how she tried to give same values to her brother.
  5. List any three advantages of biogas as a source if ebergy.
  6. An iron nail was kept immersed in aluminum sulphate solution. Correct observation made after half an hour, would be. (a) the colorless solution changed to green. (b) a grey coating was deposited on iron nail. (c) the iron nail became red, the colorless solution remained colorless. (d) the solution remained colorless and no deposition observed.
  7. Remain mixed one drop of universal indicator with one drop of given solution and found that a red colour is produced, pH of the solution would be in the range of : (a) 0 – 3 (b) 4 – 6 (c) 6 – 8 (d) 8 – 10
  8. With the help of a labeled diagram explain the general scheme to illustrate how nervous impulses travel in the body
  9. (a) What is a magnetic field? How is the direction of magnetic field at a place determined. (b) State the rule for the direction of magnetic field produced around a current carrying straight conductor. Draw the pattern of this field.
  10. (a) Name the effect of electric current which is utilized in the working of an electrical fuse. (b) How is a fuse connected in a domestic circuit?  (c) Draw a schematic labeled diagram of domestic circuit which has a provision of a main fuse, meter, one light bulb and a switch/socket.

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