Class 11 Physics – Ten Most Important Questions

Class 11 Important Physics Questions

In this article we will provide you ten important Physics questions, which will help you in your class 11 Physics exams and other entrance exams. Class 11 Important Physics Questions

Class 11 Important Physics Questions is very important resource for students preparing for Class XI board Examination. Question from very important topics are covered here for NCERT Class 11. You will also get idea about the type of questions, you can expect in your Class 11th examination.

Here you can get Class 11 Important Physics Questions based on NCERT Text book for Class XII. Here we have covered Important Questions on all topics for Class 11 Physics subject.

Class 11 Important Physics Questions

  1. Write the condition for conservation of mechanical energy of a system.

2. . Resultant of two vectors of equal amplitude is equal in magnitude with one of the vectors, calculate the angle between them


A woman throws an object of mass 500 g with a speed of 25 m/s. (i) What is the impulse imparted to the object? (ii) If the object hits a wall and rebounds with half the original speed, what is the change in momentum of the object?

3. Two particles each of mass m go round a circle of radius a under the action of their mutual gravitational attraction. Find the speed of each particle. Also analyse in terms of kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy.

4. Find the angle made by a cyclist with the vertical while taking a circular turn of radius a. Also state the forces which are providing centripetal acceleration and maintain vertical equilibrium.

5. What is the moment of inertia of a solid sphere of radius R about one of its diameter. If moment of inertia about the parallel tangent is . Also, state the theorem of perpendicular axes.

6. Find the expression for potential energy of a strained body.

7. Ten one-rupee coins are put on top of each other on a table. Each coin has mass m. Give the magnitude and direction of (i) the force on the 7th coin (counted from the bottom) due to all the coins on its top, (ii) the force on the 7th coin by the eighth coin, (iii) the reaction of the 6th coin on the 7th coin

8. John found his mother suffering from viral fever and took her to the doctor for treatment. While examining her, the doctor used a thermometer to know the temperature of the body. He kept the thermometer in the mouth of the patient and recorded the reading as 102°F. Doctor gave the necessary medicines. After coming home, John asked his mother, why thermometer is used to know the temperature of body? Why mercury is used in a thermometer when there are so many liquids? Then, his mother explained him in detail.

(i) Comment upon the values displayed by John’s mother. (ii) A newly designed thermometer has its lower fixed point marked at 5° and 95° , respectively. Compute the temperature on this scale corresponding to 50° C.

9. Two identical springs each of force constant k are connected in (i) series and (ii) parallel, so that they support a mass m. Find the ratio of the time periods of the mass in the two systems.


Draw the first three harmonics in an open organ pipe. Two piano strings A and B are playing slightly out of tune and produce beats of frequency 5 Hz. The tension in string B is slightly increased and the beat frequency is found to decrease to 3 Hz. What is the original frequency of B if the frequency of A is 500 Hz?

10. What is a projectile? Derive the expressions for the time of flight and maximum height for the projectile thrown upwards at an angle0with the horizontal direction.


The ceiling of a long hall is 25 m high. What is the maximum horizontal distance that a ball thrown with a speed of 40 m/s can go without hitting the ceiling of the hall?


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