Best Reference Books for Class 11


Best Reference Books for Class 11- Class 11 has huge syllabus, especially if you are preparing for competitive exams. That’s why more important than studying hard is studying smartly. That is where best reference books for class 11 list comes handy.

Many of you have already started collecting reference books for Class 11 while others might be looking for reference books for the upcoming examinations. Either way this list of best guides will help you.

Recommended Reference Books for Class 11

Vagupu is offering some of the best books for CBSE class 11 preparation. If you study with these reference books, there are chances that you will be easily able to top in your class or get 90+ percent marks

SubjectBook  TitlePublication/ Author
EnglishCBSE Chapter wise/Topic wise Question BankOswaal Publications
MathSenior Secondary School Mathematics: for Class 11RS Agarwal
MathMathematics for Class 11R.D. Sharma
PhysicsConcepts of PhysicsHC Verma
ChemistryABC of ChemistryModern Publications
BiologyABC of BiologyModern Publications


Apart from all these, I would recommend S.Chand Publication books for all the subjects, if you are not taking any coaching. Those books are excellent for self-study and help in understand concepts better.

Class 11 NCERT Textbooks

Like all CBSE classes, your best reference books for Class 11 are NCERT textbooks. These books should be the starting point of all your preparation. These books will prepare you completely and develop your concepts in the subject. Studying NCERT books requires going through the appropriate study material and solving questions given at the end of the chapter. The NCERT books are known for their simplicity and explaining the concepts without complex theories.

Best part of NCERT textbooks is that all the reference books for Class 11 CBSE can be downloaded free of cost from this link

Some of the key points of Class 11 NCERT textbooks are

  • 50-60% of the exam questions are from NCERT Books
  • Written by experts with credible information
  • Helps in strong basics and fundamentals required for JEE and NEET
  • Simple to read, understand and practice


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