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Class 12 Important Resources for CBSE and ISC

All the important Class 12 resources like sample papers, syllabus, previous year papers, preparation tips, etc for CBSE and ISC free of cost. All important subjects such as English, science and technology, mathematics, social studies, physics, chemistry, biology, accountancy, business studies, economics etc. are included.

NCERT Solution Class 12 Chemistry

NCERT Solutions: CBSE Class 12th Chemistry for Free Download

NCERT Solutions: CBSE Class 12th Chemistry- In this article, we are going to provide you NCERT solutions of all chapters of CBSE Class 12...
CBSE 12th Chemistry

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Past 10 Years Question Papers Download

CBSE 12th Chemistry Question Papers - Here we are providing you CBSE 12th Chemistry question Papers. As CBSE Class 12th Chemistry exam approaches, studying strategies are needed...
Class 12 Important Chemistry Questions

Class 12 Chemistry – Ten Most Important Questions

Class 12 Chemistry- In this article we will provide you ten important Chemistry questions, which will help you in your class 12 board exams...
CBSE 2017 Class 12 Bengali

CBSE 2017 Class 12 Bengali: Question Paper and Solution Download

 CBSE Class 12 Bengali Question Paper and Solution Download- In this article, we have given you the question papers and solution papers of Bengali subject....
ISC 2017-SYllabus

ISC 2017-18 Syllabus for Class 12, Download pdf

ISC Syllabus 2018- In this article, you will get ISC Class 12 Syllabus. You will be able to download all the syllabus in pdf format.ISC...
CBSE CLASS 12 history tips

CBSE 12th Grade: Study History with some Tips & tricks

Now you can study Social Science with ease. Use the simple tricks and adapt certain tips and make your study hours more effective.History is...

CBSE Class 12 History Past 10 Years Question Papers Download

CBSE Class 12 History  Question Papers - Here we are providing you  the CBSE Class 12 History  question of past 10 years. As CBSE Class...