Class 7 Math – Chapter wise Important Questions and Video Lessons

Class 7 Math

Class 7 Math- In this article, you will be getting access to the important questions of Class 7 Math. In addition, we are also giving you video lessons of each chapter of the same. You can download all the extra questions in PDF format. These Math helpful questions are framed from the experts of Vagupu. This will help you brush up your Class 7 Math academic skills and further helps in your exams.

These questions are based on CBSE previous year Math Exam question papers of Class 7.

7th Class Question Paper 2018

Class 7 Math – Chapter wise Important Questions

Extra Questions for Class 7 Social

Class 7 Science Extra Questions


Class 7 Math – Topics

  • Algebraic Expression
  • Congruence of Triangles
  • Exponents and Powers
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Integers
  • Lines and Angles
  • Perimeter and area
  • Practical Geometry
  • Rational Numbers
  • Simple Equations
  • Symmetry
  • Triangles and Properties
  • Visualising solid shapes

CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 all subjects

Class 7 Math – Video Lessons

Introduction to integers

Addition and Subtracting Integers

Multiplying Integers

Division of Integers

Fraction and Decimals

Multiplying two Fractions

Dividing Fractions

Dividing Decimals

Arithmetic Mean

How to Find the range ,Mean ,Median and mode

Mathematical Simple Equations

Solving Equations

Lines and Angles

Adjacent Angles

Geometry-Basic Properties of Triangles

The Medians of a Triangle

Altitudes of a Triangle

Equilateral and Isosceles example problem

Sum of Sides theorem of triangle

Congruence of Triangles

Constructing Congruent line Segemnts


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