Class 7 Science – Ten Most Important Questions

Class 7 Science Important Questions

Class 7 Science Important Questions – In this post, we are going to provide you 10 most important questions of Science exam. You should be knowing answers to these questions in all likelihood to score good marks in Class 7 Science exam. Class 7 Science Important Questions

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Class 7 Science Important Questions

1. Choose the correct answers.

a. The formula for calcium nitrate is _________. i. Ca2(NO3 ) ii. Ca(NO3 )2 iii. Ca(NO3 )3 iv. Ca3 (NO3 )

b. Walls of large intestine absorb ________. i. cellulose ii. digested food iii. water iv. oxygen

c. A person sitting in front of a room heater feels hot. Name the process by which heat is transferred. i. Conduction ii. Convection iii. Radiation iv. Transmission

d. Which of the following is basic in nature? i.Na2SO4 ii. Ca (OH)2 iii. CaSO4 iv. Na Cl

e. Convection occurs in ________. i. solids ii. liquids iii. gases iv. both liquids and gases

2. Correct the underlined words and rewrite the correct statements.

a. Heat from the sun reaches us by convection.

b. Upper fixed point on the Fahrenheit scale is 350°F 

c. Aluminium has a valency of two.

d. Tasaar, mooga and kosa are type of wool.

e. Potassium hydroxide absorbs oxygen when put in the flask for experiment to show that carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis.

3. Answer the following in brief.

a. What is the atomicity of phosphorus?

b. Name the process of washing wool with detergent to remove impurities.

c. Name the structure in the cell that has chlorophyll in it.

d. Name the type of soil required for the growth of wheat.

e. Name the soil whose texture is gritty and loose.

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4. Give reasons for each of the following statements.

a. Electric cables laid in summers are left little loose.

b. Neon has the same chemical symbol and formula.

c. Venus fly trap is an insectivorous plant.

d. Air is a mixture.

5. Answer the following question in 50-60 words.

a. A soil sample takes 35 minutes to percolate 700 ml of water. Calculate the rate of percolation of the soil sample.

b. From which acids are these salts obtained – carbonate and chloride?

c. What happens when hydrochloric acid reacts with calcium carbonate? Write the chemical reaction for it.

d. Distinguish between the silt and sandy soil.

e. What is symbiosis? Explain with a suitable example.

f. What is peristalsis? Does it occur only in oesophagus?

g. Describe the process of reeling.

h. P, Q, R and S are all various types of fibres. The fibres P and Q are obtained from animals whereas the fibres R and S are obtained from plants. The yarn made from P is used for knitting sweaters whereas Q is used for weaving sarees. The fibre R is used in filling quilts and S is used in making gunny bags. Name the P, Q, R and S fibres.

6. Answer the following question in 80-85 words.

a. i. Convert 95°F to °C.

ii. Name the instrument used to measure temperature.

b. Why are the earthworms considered the farmer’s friends? Explain how trees help in soil formation as well as in its protection.

c. Radheyshayam and Dhanraj are enjoying a party. Suddenly, Dhanraj suffers from indigestion due to acidity. Radheyshyam’s sister immediately brings Limca for him. He advises him not to take Limca in this situation. He goes to the market and brings digene tablet for Dhanraj.

i. Why does Radheyshayam advise Dhanraj not to take Limca?

ii. What values do you learn from Radheyshayam?

d. Write the colour change takes place in acids and bases with the following indicators: Phenolphthalein, turmeric and methyl orange.

e. Explain the steps to obtain woollen yarn from hair of sheep.

f. Explain the difference between the atom and the molecule.

g. What is the function of saliva and bile juice?

h. Differentiate between autotrophs and saprotrophs.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 all subjects

7. Explain the following with the help of well – labelled diagrams.

a. Organs for digestion in hydra and spider

b. A thermos flask minimizing transfer of heat by conduction, convection and radiation

8. Answer the following questions in detail and draw well-labelled diagrams wherever required:

a. Explain how digested food is absorbed into the blood in human beings.

b. Mention two differences between a clinical and a laboratory thermometer. What precautions will you take while measuring temperature with a laboratory thermometer?

c. Explain with the help of an experiment that dark coloured objects absorb and loose radiant heat more quickly than light coloured objects.

d. What is the common name for copper sulphate? Write its formula and its three uses.

9. Draw neat and well labelled diagrams of the following:a. Human digestive system. b. Soil profile.

10. Answer the following questions in detail and draw labelled diagrams wherever required:

a. Explain with the help of a diagram the working of an automatic fire alarm.

b. Explain the ingestion of food in hydra.

c. Ramsaran was working in a sericulture industry for many years. One day he fell sick and doctor diagnosed him with a skin disease. Ramsaran’s friend, Mohanlal who was an animal right activist was always opposed to Ramsaran working in the sericulture industry. He advised his friend to quit his job. He helped Ramsarn financially and took care of him until he got well.

i. Which disease is Ramsaran likely to suffer from?

ii. Why is it common in workers working in sericulture industry?

iii. Why are animal right activists opposed to the process of getting silk from cocoon? iv. What values are displayed by Mohanlal?

d. Describe an experiment to show the process of conduction.

e. List four properties of bases. Give two uses of Calcium hydroxide.


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