Class 7 Social – Chapter wise Important Questions and Video Lessons


Class 7 Social Science- In this article, you will be getting access to the important questions on Social Science of Class 7. In addition, we are also giving you video lessons of each chapter of Class 7 Social Science. You can download all the questions in PDF format. These extra questions will help you brush up your Class 7 Social science academic skills and further help in your SA1, SA2 and annual exams.

These questions are based on NCERT Social Exam question papers of Class 7.

7th Class Question Paper 2018

Class 7 Social Science- Chapter wise Important Questions

Class 7 Science Extra Questions


Class 7 Social Science – Topics

  • Devotional Path
  • On equality
  • Political Formations
  • Regional culturals
  • The Mughal empire
  • Tracing changes
  • Tribes and Nomads


Class 7 Social Science- Video Lessons

New kings and Kingdoms

Religions in india

Harshavardhana and the dynasties

Chola Empire history

The rulers of Delhi and the Delhi sultans

Delhi sultans and their historical importance

The Mughal Empire

Wonders of Mughal Architecture

Military and Economic Policies of the Marathas

Rulers and buildings

Ashoka the great

Environment protection

Lithosphere and Asthenosphere


The Structure of our atmosphere


Air and Wind

India’s health Care System

Women’s Role in Economic Development


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