Class 8 Math SA2 – Ten Most Important Questions by CBSE

8th Class Math Important Questions- In this post, we are going to provide you 10 most important questions of Class 8 Math SA2 exam. You should be knowing answers to these questions in all likelihood to score good marks in Class 8 Math SA2 exam.

8th Class Question Papers 2018

CBSE Class 8 Math SA2 – Ten Important Questions

  1. Find the product of 7 pq and -6p
  2. What is the volume of a cube of side 3.5 cm?
  3. Find the error in 2(x-2) = 2x – 2
  4. There are 100 students in a hostel. Food provision for them is for 20 days. How long will these provisions last, if 25 more students join the group?
  5. Draw the graph for the following table of values, with suitable scales on the axesclass 8 math important questions
  6. Simplify:(x2 – 5)(x+ 5) + 25 = 0
  7. Draw the front view, side view, and top view of a military
  8. A train is moving at a uniform speed of 75km/hr. How far will it travel in 20 min?
  9. Factorize:- a4 – b4
  10. Plot the following points on the graph sheet. Verify if they lie on a line. A(4,0), B(4,2), C (4,6), D (4,2,5)


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