Class 8 Science- Chapter Wise Important Questions and Video Lessons

Class 8 Science

Important Questions for Class 8 Science – In this article, you will be getting access to the important questions of Class 8 Science.In addition, we are also giving you video lessons of each chapter of Class 8 Studies. You can download all the questions in pdf format. This extra questions and will help you brush up your academic skills and further helps in your class tests and annual exams.

These questions are based on previous year NCERT Social Exam question papers of Class 8.

8th Class Question Papers 2018

Class 8 Science – Chapter wise Important Questions

8th Class Syllabus

Class 8 Science – Topics

  • Cell
  • Coal
  • Crop Production
  • Force and Pressure
  • Materials
  • Micro Organisms
  • Reproduction in Animals
  • Sound
  • Stars and Solar System
  • Synthetic Fiber

Extra Questions for Class 8 Math

Class 8 Science – Video Lessons

Agricultural practices


Crop Production

Micro Organisms

Need and Benefits of food Preservation

Synthetic fibres and plastics

What is Synthetic fibre

Characteristics of synthetic fibres

How plastic is made

Plastic and the Environment

Materials -metals and Non-Metals

physical properties of metals and non-metals

Chemical Properties of Metals

Uses of Metals

Coal and petroleum

Natural gas

Combustion and Flame

Harmful Effects of Deforestation

Cell Structure and functions

Reproduction in animals


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