Class 8 Social Science – Chapter Wise Important Questions and Video Lessons

Class 8 Social

Social Question Paper for Class 8- In this article, you will be getting access to the important questions for Class 8 Social and also Video lessons for the same. You can download all the questions in PDF format. These Social helpful questions are framed from the experts of Vagupu. This will help you brush up your Class 8 social academic skills and further helps in your annual exams.

These questions are based on CBSE previous year Social exam question papers of Class 8.

8th Class Question Papers 2018

Class 8 Social – Chapter wise Important Questions

8th Class Syllabus

Extra Questions for Class 8 Math

Class 8 Social – Topics

  • Criminal Justice
  • Colonialism and the city
  • From trade to territory
  • Judiciary
  • Justice
  • Parliament
  • Ruling the country side
  • Secularism

Important Questions for Class 8 Science

Class 8 Social – Video Lessons

How important are dates

Tribal Suffering in India under the colonial rule

From Trade to Territory

East India Company

Ruling the Country side

Food Crops of India

The British Empire and India

Life of Tribals in India during British rule

Tribes nomads and settled communities

Mangal pandey and the sepoy

The Indigo rebellion of 1859 in bengal

What happened to the cities under colonial rule

The rulers of Delhi and the Delhi Sultans

Different forms of Resources

Resources and Development

Soil Formation and Soil Layers

Water Crisis Hits India Economy

Constitution of India

Understanding law and rights

Judiciary System of India


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