How to prepare for JEE from Class 9 and 10

JEE Preparation tips for Class 9 and 10 students

JEE Preparation Tips for Class 9 and 10 students – This article is about Class 9 and 10- Preparation tips for IIT JEE wherein you can get access to basic concept of JEE, solving problems within stipulated time, figuring out strength and weaknesses and find the topics to study for Physics, Chemistry and Math.

JEE Preparation Tips by an IITian

About JEE Exam

JEE exams are one of the most prestigious exams in our country that lets you pursue B.Tech programmes in IITs, NITs, IIITs and CFTIs. It is considered to be one of the most challenging exams that require preparation from a long time back. The basic foundation of this exam lies in the syllabus of Class 9 and 10. So if you are an JEE aspirant, start your preparations early so that you have enough time to hone your skills and appear for the exam.

Classes IXth and Xth comprises of the basic syllabus of subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It can easily be said that the syllabus in these grades are the stepping stones for scoring well in the JEE entrance exam. In class IXth and Xth you are introduced to fundamental concepts of these subjects for the first time. Starting from topics like Kinetics, Work, Power and Energy in Physics to Atomic Structure and Classification in Chemistry, the foundation of these subjects are laid in during these two grades. For JEE aspirants these two years are very crucial so as to build up the base.

Why to start JEE Preparation from Class 9 and 10

Some suggestions to start your JEE preparation early (in class 9 and 10) are as follows-

  • To gain that extra edge over your peers, revise the topics thoroughly that you have studied in the last few days.
  • You have ample time in your hands; do not waste time by distracting yourself. Instead have a look at the sample papers of the exam that can help you to have a rough idea about the exam pattern, questions asked and more.
  • Plan out your regular study routine smartly, so that you have enough time to learn new topics, practice questions and also solve problems. Also give adequate time for sleep and outdoor activities that would enhance your learning process.
  • If you are not satisfied with text books, opt for study materials that would help you to have a clear understanding of the subject.

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Tips Class 9 and 10 Students for JEE Preparation

For most of the class 9 and 10 students, JEE exam is very far and difficult. Still starting JEE preparation from that time is very crucial for success in the exam. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to study 10-12 hours everyday for JEE. You just need to follow following points.

Clear the basic concepts

Do not keep a loophole in understanding of the basic topics in these subjects. A clear understanding of each and every topic in these grades can help you to solve problems for IIT JEE in XIth and XIIth grades. Clear your doubts and take help of teachers if you face any difficulties in understanding any particular topic. Remember that superficial idea about a topic may later land you in trouble.

Solve problems within time limit

The key to score in IIT JEE is to solve problems accurately within a fixed time frame. This is possible only when you solve more problems within a fixed given time. Hone your skills of solving more analytical questions within a time frame.

JEE Syllabus- Main & Advanced

Identify your strength and weaknesses

Identify your strength and weaknesses while you are studying these subjects. Take a note of it and seek help to clear all your doubts. The idea is to able to figure out the topics that seem difficult to you and accordingly work on it.

Go for group discussion

Many times it has been seen that a lot of problems are solved if you opt for group discussions. Group discussions and studying together would help you to resolve all your queries. It would also help you to discuss and exchange new ideas and learn about new things.

Note down important points

Every topic that you study has some important points that you need to note down. This would help you to have the important points of a topic jotted down in one single place that would be handy while you are through the last minute preparation.

Once you are clear with the fundamental concepts, then only you can go for complicated problems in these subjects. The basic knowledge of the subjects is very essential to solve any problem for this exam.

JEE Topics common with Class 9 and 10 Syllabus

Some of the topics of Class 9 and 10 are in common with the JEE syllabus. The topics that you need to stretch on are as follows-

Common Topics in JEE Physics and Class 9 and 10 Syllabus

  • Properties of Solids and Liquids (Matter – Its Nature and Behavior)
  • Atoms and Nuclei (extension of Structure of an Atom)
  • Motion
  • Work, Energy and Power
  • Force and Newton’s Laws
  • Sound
  • Gravitation
  • Electric Current, and Magnetic Effects of Current (extension from Effects of Current)
  • Optics (extension from Natural Phenomena)

Common Topics in JEE Chemistry and Class 9 and 10 Syllabus

  • Matter and its nature, and States of Matter
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (extension of Chemical Substances – Nature and Behavior)
  • Atomic Structure (extension of Structure of an Atom)
  • Environmental Chemistry (extension of Our Environment)

Common Topics in JEE Math and Class 9 and 10 Syllabus

  • Quadratic equations,
  • Probability
  • Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Trigonometry (especially trigonometrical identities and Heights and Distances

These are some of the basic tips and suggestions that would help you to prepare for IIT JEE from IXth and Xth grade. The key to success is hard work, dedication, clear understanding of the subjects and the ability to solve problems within time.

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