Class 9 English language & Literature – Ten Most Important Questions

Class 9 English Language and literature Important Questions

Class 9 English language & Literature Important Questions – In this post, we are going to provide you 9 most important questions of English language & Literature exam. You should be knowing answers to these questions in all likelihood to score good marks in Class 9 board English language & Literature exam. Class 9 English language & Literature Important Questions

9th Question Paper 2018

Class 9 English Important Questions

1. During the summer vacation you visited a hill station. But due to heavy rains you could not return to Delhi. There were heavy landslides and you had to spend one week in a relief camp. Write a page in you dairy describing your experience. 100-120 words.

2. Complete the story with the following beginning in about 150-200 words. Also give it a suitable title. (10) Sarita was going to Kashmir with her classmates. She made all preparations. She packed her bags for 10-day tour. Unfortunately she felt her purse at home and then she had no money. She ………………

3. Read the passage given below. Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate words from the given options.

Not many people appreciate the magnitude (a) _____ the extent of the scientific technological revolution in which we are involved. Today there is no other influence comparable (b) ____ science in changing the foundations of our lives. Our very existence is so completely dependent on science and technology that it (c) _____ be impossible to materially alter our present methods.

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4. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow. (3) Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Answer the following questions: (a) Where were the two roads going into? (b) What did the poet do when he reached the junction? (c) What do you understand by ‘diverged’?

5. Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each.

(a) What kind of school did Margie study in? (b) What did Evelyn want to be? What challenges did she face? (c) What kind of family does Ustad Bismillah khan belong to? (d) How was Kezia’s father different from the Macdonalds father?

6. Answer one of the following questions in about 80-100 words:

The poem highlights mother’s caring nature. Based on your reading of the poem write a paragraph on the topic: ‘Mother’s Sacrifice

7. Answer one of the following questions in about 100-120 words:

Write a brief character sketch of the emperor of Lilliput.


Write brief what Gulliver thought about the learning of the people of Brobdingnag.


Describe the packing done by George and Harris.


Why was Harris very eager to see Mrs. Thomas’s tomb while the narrator didn’t like to see the same?

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8. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

(1) My grandmother’s house is like a chambered sea shell; it has many rooms, yet it is not a mansion. Its proportions are small and its design simple. It is a house that has grown organically, according to the needs of its inhabitants. To all of us in the family it is known as la casa de Mama. It is the place of our origin, the state for our memories and dreams of Island life.

(2) I remember how in my childhood it sat on stilts; this was before it had a downstairs – it rested on its perch like a great blue bird – not a flying sort of bird. More like a nesting hen, but with spread wings. Grandfather had built it soon, after their marriage. He was a painter and house builder by trade – a poet and meditative man by nature. As each of their eight children were born, new rooms were added. After a few years, the paint didn’t exactly match, nor the materials, so that there was a chronology to it, like the rings of a tree, and Mama could tell you the history of each room in her casa, and thus the genealogy of the family along with it.

(3) Her own room is the heart of the house. Though I have seen it recently – and both woman and room have diminished in size, changed by the new perspective of my eyes, now capable of looking over countertops and tall beds – it is not this picture I carry in my memory of Mama’s casa. Instead, I see her room as a queen’s chamber where a small woman loomed large, a throne room with a massive four poster bed in its centre, which stood taller than a child’s head. It was on this bed, where her own children had been born, that the smallest grandchildren dispense private advice to her daughters, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at whoever sat on the rocker where generations of babies had been sung to sleep. To me she looked like a wise empress right out of the fairy tales I was addicted to reading.

(4) And there was the monstrous wardrobe she kept locked with a little golden key she did not hide. This was a test of her dominion over us; though my cousins and I wanted a look inside that massive wardrobe more than anything, we never reached for that little key lying on top of her Bible on the dresser. This was also where she placed her earnings and rosary when she took them off at night. God’s word was her security system. This wardrobe was the place where I imagined she kept jewels, satin slippers, and elegant silk, sequined gowns of heartbreaking fineness. I lusted after those imaginary costumes. I had heard that Mama had been a great beauty in her youth, and the belle of many balls. My cousins had ideas as to what she kept in that wooden vault : its secret could be money (Mama’s did not hand cash to strangers, banks were out of the questions, so there were stories that her mattress was stuffed with dollar bills, and that she buried coins in jars in her garden under rose-bushes, or kept them in her untouched wardrobe; there might be that legendary gun salvaged from the Spanish American conflict over the Island. We went wild over suspected treasures that we made up simply because children have to fill locked trunks with something wonderful.

Answer the following questions: (a) Why does the author say that the ‘house has grown organically’? (b) Why did Mama not keep the little golden key hidden? (c) How does the author describe the importance of Mama’s room? (d) What did the author and cousins imagine being inside the cupboard? (e) Find out a word which means manor? (Para 1) (f) What is the opposite of expand. (Para 3) (g) What is the opposite of averse. (Para 3) (h) Find out a synonym of authority. (Para 4)

Important Questions for Class 9 Science

9. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

(a) red / the / her / baby / a / apple / mother / gave (b) that / lived in / hills / I dreamt / I / Mallabar (c) place / our lives / music / important / has / in / an

10. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow.

“Today Tommy found a real book!” It was a very old book. Margie’s grandfather once said that when he was a little boy his grandfather told him that there was a time when all stories were printed on paper. (a) Who found the old book? (b) Why was Margie surprised to see the book? (c) Pick out a word from the passage which is opposite of ‘virtual’.

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