Class 9 Science – Chapter Wise Important Questions and Video Lessons

Class 9 Science

Important questions for Class 9 Science- In this article, you can find the important questions on each chapter for Class 9 Science subject. There are also Video lessons for the same. You can download all the questions in PDF format. This will help you brush up your Class 9 Science academic skills and further helps in your annual exams.

The question papers that you find below are based on CBSE previous year Science exam question papers of Class 9.

SST Class 9 Important Questions

Class 9 Science – Chapter wise Important Questions

9th Question Paper 2018

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Class 9 Science – Topics

  • Atom
  • Food resources
  • Force and laws
  • Gravitation
  • Matter
  • Motion
  • Natural resources
  • Structure of a Man
  • Why do we fall Ill
  • Work and energy
  • Tissues

Time Table of Class 9 Topper Student

Class 9 Science – Video Lessons

Matter in our Surroundings

States of matter

Evaporation and Condensation

What are Mixtures

Types of Mixtures

What is a solution

Suspension ,Colloids and Solutions

Element ,mixtures solution and compounds

Atoms and molecules

law of conservation of mass

Atomic Mass

Understanding concept of mole

Structure of Atom


Isotopes ,Isobars,isotones

Cell Sturuture and functions

Cell wall



Plant tissue

Animal Tissues



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