How to Prepare for CLAT Exam 2017

How to Prepare for CLAT Exam 2017

CLAT 2017 Preparation Tips– CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is a common entrance law examination conducted by 14 national law universities of India. For students aspiring to pursue law courses, CLAT can be considered as one of the most important exams in their career. Two exams are being conducted every year as a part of CLAT, for admission in undergraduate and post graduate law courses. You can check the official website, i.e. for details related to exam date, eligibility criteria, admission and other relevant information. CLAT exam preparation requires hard work, practice and a proper time management strategy.

Candidates appearing for CLAT 2017 exam should check important tips on How to Prepare for CLAT 2017 and How to Crack CLAT Exam. We have included few helpful strategies to ensure your success.

CLAT 2017 Preparation Tips

Remember to prepare notes of all the chapters you feel are difficult. This will help you in frequent revisions, so to convert weak areas in to strong ones.

Prepare from Previous Year CLAT Papers

Study and go through previous years question papers that can help you to have a clear idea about the CLAT exam You will get to know about the CLAT syllabus and the number of marks allotted to each section. Understand the pattern of the question that is followed each year. Also you need to note down the list of the topics that have been repeated each year. Preparing those topics for CLAT 2017 should be your primary concern. Download previous year papers of CLAT from here.

CLAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

Hone your basic English and Mathematics skills

Elementary knowledge of English and mathematics is very important for this exam. So clear out the basic concepts of English and Mathematics in the very beginning. Figure out easy methodologies of mathematics that would help you to solve the problems easily and accurately. Polish your grammar skills and practice English comprehension to have better hands on experience about these sections.

Be updated with GK and Current Affairs

Read newspapers and magazines that provide you information about the latest affairs in our country and also across the world. Being updated with the current affairs is a must do for any CLAT aspirant. Also browse through GK books to hone your general knowledge skills. Try to remember key personalities, events and awards.

Understand basic concepts of Legal Aptitude section

This section evaluates your understanding of law and your abilities to solve legal problems based on your understanding. Legal principles and basic concepts of law is something that you have to read through and understand. Only then you can score well in this part of the exam.

Legal Aptitude section tests your interest towards law in general. The questions will have legal angel ie proposition. There will be a set of facts to which the said proposition is to be applied. Some of the propositions may not be “true” in the practical manner. You only have to assume them “truth” and answer the questions accordingly.

Practicing these kinds of questions from CLAT preparation books would help you to fare well. You should also have a thorough reading of the Constitution of India and a clear understanding of the Indian Penal Code.

Work on all kinds of Logical Reasoning questions

Logical reasoning involves logical sequences, identifying patterns, syllogisms, analogies and much more. Practice every kind of logical reasoning questions that would enhance your reasoning skills. Go for online mock tests and logical reasoning books that would help you to have a better understanding of this section.

Work on Time Management

Time management plays very important role in CLAT. It is important for you to understand in which section you can score more and in which you will end up spending more time. Therefore, you should focus on easier sections first. That is why, you should prepare from sample papers of CLAT. Here are few CLAT sample papers for download, so that you can prepare better.

CLAT 2017 Sample Question Paper and Solution Download

According to my understanding, students can follow this simple order for attempting different sections-

  1. English
  2. General knowledge
  3. Legal aptitude
  4. Mathematics
  5. Logical Reasoning


To summarise, you have to give importance to each and every section of the paper. Practicing questions within time is something mandatory for this exam. So go for online mock tests and have a time management strategy to finish off the paper within time. Refer to internet sources for any kind of information and help you need while studying for the examination. Clearing out the basic concepts and working on questions within a fixed time frame can surely bring success to all the CLAT aspirants.

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