Class 6 Science- Tips to Study and Score More

Class 6 Science-Helpful Tips

Dear Class 6 Students,

Make your Class 6 Science easier by using some of the tips that we provide you in this article. Go through this article thoroughly to get details of the tips of studying your Class 6 Science subject.

CBSE Class 6, 2017 Exams are just around the corner. Thus, it a crucial time for the students to fine tune their preparations so as to secure the desired result. Science is one among the fundamental subjects, in which students need to put in more efforts in their studying. Dont simply cram your science subject but you need to follow a strategic study schedule along with tricks and tips to master these subjects.

Bringing a solution to all your confusions and problems, Vagupu has prepared the tips and tricks for all the chapters of Science, that will help you to give an edge to your efforts.

Science Class 6 – Tips

  1. Make notes in points which make it easier to learn the topic at the time of revision,
  2. Create a separate list of important formulae and laws.
  3. Prepare flow charts at the end of every topic Practice diagrams
  4. Following are the chapter wise tips and tricks along with important questions to make your preparations easy
  5. Practice writing answers within the stipulated time, increase your speed if your slow. This practice helps in creating  a mindset for the actual exam.
  6. Merely reading the summary of the topic will not help. The candidates should study the topics in depth.
  7. Practice diagrams, neatly drawn and labeled diagrams are scoring;


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