How to Score 99% in Class 10 Board Exam

score 99 in class 10

How to prepare for class 10 board exams and score good marks– So, you are going to appear for your 10th board exams this year and may be wondering if it is possible to score 99% in your 10th class examination. Well, I would like to say you, “Yes, it is possible”. It is not easy, but can be done, if you really want to do it. Have patience and work hard. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare for class 10 board exams, score good marks and become a topper.

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What is the importance of scoring 99% marks

People might ask what is so special about 99% marks. It is just that anyone can score 90%. That is not at all difficult. Even a student with average intelligence, who studies hard can score 90%. But 99% marks mean that you have mastered the complete syllabus. There is no one better than you. You are the champion of champions. You are the best in the country. Do you want to be that???? If yes, then keep on reading this article. If no, then you can leave right now.

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Few important questions for those targeting 99%

Is 99% meant to be only for some students ? Why can’t everybody get 99% in their board exams?  What does it take to reach that 90% mark in 10th board?

Well, first of all remember that there is nothing that you cannot achieve. It might be a 99% in your board exams or anything else in your life, everything is possible, if you truly want to achieve it. All it takes is a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Secondly, remember that there is no shortcut to success and you must try harder to make it right. Just be positive and focus on to your goal.

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Important points to get 99% marks in your 10th Exams

  • Don’t count hours, study till you understand a topic completely. As soon as you understand something, write it down in your own language to make your own notes.
  • Important thing is the planning. To make sure that you do not lose your track in between, you must have a solid plan of study. Make a plan in the very beginning and follow it for the complete year. Start off from the topics that you don’t have much confidence on. These topics are the ones, which are difficult for you to understand, to grasp and to remember. Study those topics first, keep two books with you (one rough and the other for revising it during exam). Make your own notes for the difficult topics first.
  • The next thing is the study pattern. If you really want to achieve that 99% target, you must love your books. Yes, you must be completely in love with them. Do not take study as a burden, but try to like it. Your study pattern plays a big role. Try to make your study interesting.
  • Make a schedule (time table), which would eventually help you in tracking your completion everyday.
  • Do not compromise with your health. Give enough time for other important things that you like to do like games, music, food and friends.
  • Do not worry even if you cannot complete the syllabus in first 6 months, but make sure that you complete it twice or thrice before the exam.
  • Before going to sleep at night, revise everything that you have studied on that day.
  • There is no shortcut or trick to score above 90. Hard work and dedication is all it takes.

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Preparation Tips for Subjects

Class 10 Science

The CBSE Class 10 Science mainly focuses on the following areas – Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Those students who wish pursue the science stream in class XI are advised to strictly focus on all these three areas as this will clear their foundations.

  1. The complete list of formulae, experiments and derivations should be kept handy.
  2. It’s a strict no-no to miss the science laboratory lectures and classes. Utilize the science laboratory as much as you can for every single experiment.
  3. The NCERT books are to be followed thoroughly to score well in Science. Almost the whole question paper revolves around the concepts that are given in the NCERT book.
  4. Some science formulas have certain rules that you strictly need to follow and use it correctly. For example, to use the quadratic formula; you must first change the equation to the standard quadratic form.
  5. PHYSICS-Get a grip on the fundamental concepts of the subject. A major part of the exam contains direct formulae- and theorem-based questions. Therefore, revise them thoroughly to solve questions accurately. Use the formulae and theorems extensively in solving various problems from last years’ papers and model papers.
  6. CHEMISTRY-The good news is this is a high-scoring subject, and also requires lesser time for preparation. Speed and accuracy in solving different problems can be acquired through in-depth study of the subject and extensive practice. Study the name reactions; make charts of formulae along with names and revise them as and when possible.
  7. BIOLOGY-As the subject includes lots of diagrams, give special attention to important diagrams and their theory. Make sure you remember the important terms and their respective functions. Biology involves learning and memorising difficult terminology. Write such terms repeatedly so as to get acquainted with them. Get thorough with the important definitions as the subject is mostly theory.

Important Questions for Class 10 Math

Class 10 Math

The CBSE Class 10 Class 10th mathematics focuses on the basic geometry, trigonometry and the concept of numbers. The subject helps to build a basic aptitude and concepts that would be beneficial for the students who wish to appear for the aptitude based tests in future.

  1. The class 10 Maths formulas are otherwise very general, but sometimes it is seen in the previous question papers that the questions are asked from the middle of such numerical which you have to identify it.
  2. The concepts/formulas sheet should be kept handy.
  3. You should know the usage of all the Maths formulas.
  4. If you really want to score an A1 in math exam, then it is really important to completely be in synch with your NCERT book. Almost the whole questions paper comprises of the concepts and formulas that are given in the NCERT book.
  5. If you are solving a problem based question, it is advisable to read the problem again and again to get the exact idea of what you’re being asked to solve.
  6. Write down in a rough paper, exact what it is given in the question paper and what you are asked to find. Then in a systematic way, try and find what is asked to you.
  7. Once the revision is done, start solving the sample papers, unsolved papers and practice papers within the given set of time.

Most Important Questions for Class 10 Math with Solutions

Class 10 Social Studies

Although social science may seem dull, use study tools to make it fun. Flash cards, timelines, colorful charts and funny mnemonics can help you study in addition to textbook and notes reading. In 10th class either your social sciences studies are beginning or ending.

  1. Read the course once without trying to remember it, just read like you would read the newspaper or novel and try to understand it.
  2. Prioritize your subjects and topics according to marks weight-age and easy and difficult chapters and use this list to create a practical study schedule.
  3. Take notes for specific points you feel are important and you are likely to forget, in addition to school notes.
  4. Create a chart with important dates, flip through it often and you will find that you are able to easily remember the dates.
  5. Study subject-wise rather than from all topics combined; they were separated for a reason.
  6. Use flash cards for definitions and also for various history events; flash cards help for fun and quick revision.
  7. Practice map work by tracing the important locations you want to remember, then try locating on a blank map
  8. Understand economics and political science, its better than to try to memorize.
  9. Solve previous year papers/ sample papers to practice writing within word limits.

Social Science Class 10 Important Questions

Class 10 English

  1. Unseen passage/note making: This is an extremely scoring section and needs the least amount of effort comparatively. Read the passage carefully and you will be able to find the links to answer the questions.
  2. Writing skills: Follow formats religiously. Majority of the questions in this section are for 10 marks, divided into 3 marks for format, 4 for content and 3 for fluency/accuracy of English as far as I remember. Look at sample letters, articles from reference books to improve thinking skills and get an idea of presentation. The board examiners would much rather prefer an exhaustive article with lots of ideas and inputs by the student than just repetitive arguments in flowery language.
  3. Grammar: Practice, practice, practice. Brush up basic rules and attempt as many questions as possible and learn from the mistakes you make.
  4. Literature: Read all the chapters very thoroughly. Specially for poems, write in your book or a separate notepad all that your teacher explains. Having said that, you should also realize that understanding the chapter is not enough as you will be expected to write 7-10 mark answers in the exam. Keeping this in mind, try to attempt past year papers and questions from other reference material and try to frame long answers. Each of these long answers should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Aim for about 150-200 words spread across 3-4 paragraphs.

Class 10 Hindi

  1. It is fairly easy to score 90+ in this paper 12th boards. But to score in late 90s, you need to study the NCERT textbooks really well. They are extremely useful.
  2. Get a question bank cum guide (Golden is one of them) and practice questions.
  3. Solve past year papers (Arihant, Oswal or any of the available sources), check against the solutions provided. In fact, a lot many times questions are just repeated in exams.
  4. This is it. These 3 simple things will equip you to score 95+ in the paper.

Keep your mind fresh and never falter.

For further queries feel free to leave us a message. We will reply to you as soon as possible We are happy to help you.

All the best.

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  1. I feel that whatever i study never comes in the examination..i have a understanding difficulty…i want to achieve something but it never happens😞😞

  2. Actually I read at least 6 hours (self study)but still I always get 94,95 quite common and unvalued grade ,I read soo much but still ,I lack confidence I am always scared of long question paper and chances of missing any question .I can’t sleep a night before exam and feel fatigue during exams

  3. Hello sir/ma’m is it necessary that we should use the same wordings as depicted in the SST textbook while answering our board exam paper??

  4. Hello sir/ma’m, is it necessary that we should use the same wordings as depicted in our SST textbooks while answering our board exam paper??