How to score 99% Marks in Class 12 Board Science, Arts, Commerce Exams

how to score 99 marks in 12th grade

How to prepare for class 12 board exams and score good marks– In this article, we will tell you How to score 99% Marks in 12th Grade Board Exams. Since board exams are very important for your upcoming career, you should important attention to this article. This article will help you to understand how to study and score good marks in Class 12 science, arts, and commerce streams. Here we will also tell you how to prepare your study timetable for class 12, so that you can become a topper.

You seem to be a completely determined person, looking for bit of motivation and support to carry forward or increase your persistency level for the coming examination months.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 2018

Nobody is a born topper

Yes, people do have an aptitude for a particular thing and have innate talents. But apart from that, with proper guidance and hard work, anybody can excel in board exams or competitive exams. Hence we are here to help you out with some tips wherein you can mould your way of studying and Score 99% in 12th Standard

  • Firstly, make sure you save 3 complete months for your final study only.
  • Secondly, in the previous three months from that mentioned above; start allocating notes from all sources required for your study which in return, in your study time, saves you from anxiety of not having notes for some topic that you might have overlooked.
  • NO !! Do not put yourself in that zone of tension. Carefully and seriously allocate your notes
  • Give yourself a happy-go-lucky study time.

CBSE 2018 Class 12 Date Sheet

Tips to Score 99% in Class 12

You will surely feel helped with these TIPS TO SCORE 99% IN 12th STANDARD if you imply them in your study pattern.

  • Avoid Exam Stress

The feel of nervousness and tension is very natural before and during the examinations. A little bit of tension is quite helpful as it propels us to put in the very best effort. For taking the mind off it, the best way is to indulge yourself in your hobbies. It is a stress free therapy.

  • Have Positive Vibes

Positive attitude is the key to solve many of the problem. During exam time this is an important feature to have in you. Attitude is the main for all the students because it reflects your personality as well as your confidence or self confidence. It helps you crack the your exams with blushing colors.

CBSE 2017 Solved Question Papers for Class 12

Tips on Class 12 Subjects

Class 12 English Preparation Tips

  1. It is an unpredictable subject. Just read your chapters 2-3 times. Read the novel at least once and answer questions from the novel.
  2. Go through the summary, theme and poetic devices used in poems and revise formats for writing skills.
  3. Focus on the parts of speech in poems. You can use some reference book for taking out important points in the answer, but try to answer in your own words as well.


Class 12 Accountancy Preparation Tips

  1. Do practice the questions on all the topics. Get all the previous year board papers, and solve them as if you are giving your final exam.
  2. Make sure Your calculations should be perfect and you should remember the formulas by heart.
  3. Don’t forget to learn the theory of accounts, its equally important as practicals.


Class 12 Math Preparation Tips

  1. You must take note of all the theorems, methodologies and formulae involved in each subject. This helps you to read & brush the concepts even though if you are on the move.
  2. You must go through & understand different model problems. It is important to solve all the problems by yourself.
  3. You must understand the syllabus & the marks weightage attached to multiple sections and then you must decide on how much time you need to dedicate for each section.

Class 12 Math Important Questions

Class 12 Business Studies Preparation Tips

  1. This subject is more difficult than it seems. It’s slightly harder than English to score a hundred in Business Studies. Usually once you go through a chapter, you will forget it after sometime.
  2. Do the course consistently rather than finishing it and leaving it.
  3. If you write down the points after learning you will retain better.
  4. Acronyms may be used to make learning easier. For example: to learn elements of Promotion mix(Marketing) Acronyms :APPS (Advertising, Personal Selling, Public Relations ,Sales Promotion)


Class 12 Economics Preparation Tips

  1. Firstly, don’t try to learn answers by heart. Focus more on the understanding part.
  2. Secondly, try to sit for 3 hrs and master time management. See, where your weak points are, which questions take time and stuff and then work on that. Do at least 5-6 sitting continuously for 3 hrs.
  3. Thirdly, try doing at least one reference book other than your main course books. But, read the main books thoroughly first and then only move on to the reference books.


Class 12 Physics Preparation Tips

  1. Physics is a very interesting subject if you are good in it. But, it can be disastrous, if you are weaker in this subject. Hence, your basic concepts should be clear to obtain good marks in it.
  2. Students who are weaker in Mathematics should complete chapters like Semiconductor, Atom and Nuclei, Dual nature of radiation, Communication System and EM Waves first; which carry approx 25 marks together.
  3. Optics carry 14 marks and it should be given special attention along with Modern Physics.
  4. Current and Electricity is also an easy chapter and carries approx 7 marks. Solve previous year question papers to get a proper idea about the exam.
  5. Numericals carry close to 15 marks and hence if you are weak in them then it is better to avoid them at the last moment.

Physics Board Paper 2017 Solutions

Class 12 Chemistry Preparation Tips

  1. First of all, each formula from each chapter should be learned. Students should then try to solve related problems based on those formulas.
  2. Chemistry is a scoring subject. Organic Chemistry carries 18 marks and it is one of the most important units in Chemistry for every student who wants to get better marks in the Chemistry.
  3.  The questions from the inorganic chemistry are directly asked. Students should practice the structures of different chemical compounds of p-block elements properly because they are often asked in the board exam.
  4. The last three chapters like Biomolecules, Polymer and Chemistry together constitute 10 marks so don’t dare to take these chapters lightly as it really affects their final marks in Chemistry.


Class 12 Biology Preparation Tips

  1. First n foremost make sure you’re very thorough with past question papers. Prepare each n every question as to be written in the exam.
  2. Answers should either be written as flowcharts or in points.
  3. Include as many diagrams, charts, tables, guidelines, protocols etc, in the answers and minimise the corresponding theory.
  4. And yes, do keep on reading (just read) the older question papers i.e beyond past 10 years to find any odd question.
  5. Also once the important questions are sorted on the basis of repetition pattern in past exams, you may refer to other question banks for these very topics.

12th Biology Important Questions

Make a routine, inculcate recreation in it as well. Keep your mind fresh and never falter.

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