How to Write Perfect Answer in Exams

How to Write the Perfect Answer in Exams

As the exams are coming near, everyone gives advice on how to write answers in the exams. But not every advice should be followed, you should check all the advices and choose the one which suits you the best.

Tips on how to write answers to get the best marks in exams

In exams, students generally try to write whatever they know. But this approach makes their answer look lengthy. Examiner who is expecting to-the-point answer gets an impression that the student is not sure of what to write, so he/she has written everything he/she knew. In short, you need to write the answer carefully: write in short sentences with only the information that is asked.

include the right words in the opening sentence itself.

If you are aiming for the moon, the you need to go have to run a mile extra.

Tips to write smart and innovative answers

If you want to write smartly and innovatively and keep your answers short. Here are few tips and tricks for that:

  • Starting line of your answer should be generic about the answer
  • Add figures, examples, theories and quotes in the answers and make them standout
  • Keep answers coherent
  • The conclusion should summarise your answer

Simple and Clear Language is the key

You must know how to write in a simple and clear language. Keep advanced vocabulary only for subjects like history, science, geography. For the rest, use only simple words and short sentences.

Your style of writing should be like entertainment news articles, not like science journals. Academic style writing draws very little interest and does not grab interest. In contrast, magazine, newspapers and most websites use the simple, least complicated language, that is the reason, they are able to connect with their audience easily.

That is why, write your answers such that they are simple and easy to follow.

Do not just copy what you have read in the text books. explain the same in your own words

Write proper English, not the texting English

When you write your answers, make sure you write proper English. It should be grammatically correct. There should not be any spelling mistakes like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’. Poor English and spelling mistakes will totally make your even good answer appear bad.

Avoid using words like ‘can’t’, ‘should’ve’ etc. Use full words.

Do not take short cuts in writing English. Use proper and full words

Use bullet points

When writing long answers, use short paragraphs and bullet points. Numbered bullet points are the best for long answers. Main reason is they are easy to read and follow for examiner. Using bullet points, you can easily show that you have written 6 points, than writing the same in a paragraph.

When writing about experiments or lab reports, write in step-by-step procedures. Avoid using active voice.

Do not try to stretch your answer by adding words which are not adding any value to your answer.

Statistically speaking, writing in bullet points gives 20% more marks

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