IGCSE Cambridge Advanced Past and Specimen Papers

IGCSE advacned

IGCSE Cambridge Advanced Past Papers – In this article you can find the IGCSE Cambridge Advanced Past Papers where there are Past papers and Specimen papers.

Cambridge offers a scope of Cambridge International AS and A Level support and resources materials for each subject. Select the subjects underneath for subtle elements of the bolster assets accessible for every syllabus.


IGCSE Advanced Past Papers – Accounting (9706)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Accounting (9706)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers – Biology (9700)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Biology (9700)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen papers – Business Studies (9609)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers – Chemistry (9701)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Chemistry (9701)

IGCSE Advanced Past papers – Computer Science (9608)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen papers – Computer Science (9608)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers- Economics (9708)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Economics (9706)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers – English (9093)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – English (9093)

IGCSE Advanced Past papers – History (9389)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – History (9389)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Information Technology (9626)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers – Math (9709)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Math (9709)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers – Media Studies (9607)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Media Studies (9607)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers – Physics (9702)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers – Physics (9702)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers- Psychology (9990)

IGCSE Advanced Past Papers- Sociology (9699)

IGCSE Advanced Specimen Papers- Sociology (9699)

IGCSE remains for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The examination board for the test is Edexcel. It is implied for those understudies who are doing their tutoring and are in the age gathering of 15-16. Understudies who are showing up for this exam have a lot of papers to show up for, which incorporates Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and others. The inquiries are every one of numerous choices sort with choices fluctuating from 3-4. The syllabus for this examination is not settled, but rather the inquiries which are set are all from tutoring level and all understudies are encouraged to experience their subject’s educational modules completely. The time term for this exam is by and large one and half hours.

Global General Certificate of Secondary Education is a been built up as one of the essential perceived capabilities for the applicants that are embraced their Schooling training and fundamentally tumbles to an age gathering of 15-16. The examination board for the test is Edexcel. There are diverse sorts of Paper in which the exam can be given. They incorporate Physics, maths, Geography and others and the same can be picked as the last choice of subject with which the individual applicants can select to consider.

This test is additionally in view of the Multiple Type and has an alternative running from three to fours that relies on upon the strength of the question. Despite the fact that there is no particular syllabus for the test yet the applicants can set up the essential sort addresses that incorporate inquiries on the tutoring level that has been shrouded in the syllabus in view of the way of the paper in which the competitor is showing up. The paper’s term rely on upon the nation in which the Exam is been held. However pretty much, the length stays in the time furthest reaches of one and a half hours. The papers that are consolidated are separated into two sections. The inquiries are straightforward and immediately evaluated.

In this article you will find the past papers and the specimen paper which are accessible for download. “Specimen Papers” would be available when there is a change of syllabus for that year. Otherwise, Specimen Papers would not be available when the syllabus stays the same.