IGCSE Class 11 Preparation Tips

IGCSE preparation tips

IGCSE Preparation Tips Class 11:- Even for a calm student exams turn out to be an additional pressure. With a little readiness and an all around arranged correction timetable, you can accomplish the grades you merit/deserve.

Vagupu has a range of useful tools and resources for you IGCSE students and we can help you with the following two simple steps:-

1. Note taking.

  1. Your brain cannot store information, so do not walk into the exam hall thinking you’re an expert because ‘you remember everything from class’.
  2. When you are in class, do Listen to your teacher. take down very brief summary notes of what is most important such as a key concept or an equation for example.
  3. When you are at home, Write. Review your work, refer back to the textbook or whatever you did that day and refresh yourself on what you have learnt. Write up what you should know for that topic based on what you learnt that day.
  4. Do not carry on with your notes if there is something you are unsure about, only move on if you understand everything you write. If you are writing page 3 of your notes, you should understand Pages 1 & 2 inside out. If not, stop, re-read the chapter and seek help from your teacher.

2. Practice Papers

Bear in mind, simply acing textbook questions is not going to get you very far in the exam. They are usually too simple and are nothing like what appears in the exam,

You should just jump into the real deal of practice papers because they are actually what has come out rather than doing and acing the basic stuff.

In terms of practice papers, try not to wait till the last minute and cram 3 per day. Try and do your practice papers over a pro-longed period of time, 3-4 papers a week of alternating subjects.

Just start from the 2009 practice papers and work your way up to 2014. They all should be available in this link.  IGCSE Cambridge Advanced Past and Specimen Papers

After finishing every paper and learning from your mistakes, file it away somewhere so that when you need to refer back to it will be easily accessible.

IGCSE Preparation Tips

There are simple tips, follow them for easy of your exam:

Two months before the exam:

You must think seriously about your revision timetable.

  • Check the most up-to-date syllabus for every subject
  • Prepare a revision timetable.

Revision Tips:

  • Try to schedule revision for your most productive times during the day. For instance, if you feel fresh and alert in the morning, make sure you do most of your studying at that time
  • Prioritize exams that make up a large percentage of a subject’s grade
  • Use a variety of study tools to revise – including books, audio guides and online video summaries
  • Study with those important points that you have noted
  • Take a quiz you on each subject
  • Practice past papers to get a feel for the questions and timings

Exam Day Tips:

So, you have revised and prepared for the big day. Don’t worry if you feel a little nervous as that is natural. Follow a few more simple tips to stay relaxed and get the best possible exam results.

  • Try to: stay calm and take deep and even breaths
  • Read the exam paper completely before you start writing
  • Plan your time to your answering
  • Do not waste time move on to the next question if you get stuck
  • Read the questions carefully and make sure you answer each one properly
  • Sip fresh water throughout the exam
  • Check each answer, particularly if you finish early.

For essay questions, remember to structure your answers with a introduction, middle and conclusion. The beginning introduces the essay, the middle explores the topic in more detail and should make up around 75 per cent of the overall word count, and the end concludes or summarizes your essay.

  • Do not be lazy
  • Do not try and cut corners

Just put in the damn work, you reap what you sow, and will thank yourself later when you get your reward.

Start early, Finish early, and most of all, Enjoy the journey.

Good luck !! If you need any extra help or advice, do not hesitate to leave a message, Vagupu is always happy to help. IGCSE Preparation Tips

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