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In this article, we are going to provide you JEE Advance 2014 Question Paper. The solution of question paper is also available for download.

JEE Advance Question Paper with Solution Answer Key- 2014

JEE Advanced 2014 Question Paper, Answers and their complete Solutions are given here. These can be used for the preparation of JEE Advance for admission to IITs. Since 2013, IIT JEE Exam is conducted as JEE Advance.

IIT JEE Advance 2014’s Paper 1 Chemistry was very difficult paper. According to some experts, it was one of the most difficult amongst the papers conducted in last 10 years.

In the JEE Advance Mathematics Paper 1, the question paper had involved many conceptual questions without any errors in it. It seemed like the paper format hd made the paper little lengthy but it was easier than the last year paper.

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The JEE Advance Physics Paper 1 was lengthy and there were few speed breakers which were even more lengthy. It could have been attempted later. The Integer types Questions were decent as they were neither lengthy nor short. In the overall view, it was a good conceptual paper without errors.

Similar to last year, this year also Paper 2 was of 3 hours and had 60 questions in it. There were 3 passages in which each had 2 questions – multi-choice single correct. Last year there were 4 passages, each containing 2 questions – multi choice single-correct.

Students with thorough practice of concepts would not have found the paper much difficult.The overall the Paper 2 was easier when compared to last year.

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