JEE Preparation Tips by an IITian

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by an IITian

IIT JEE 2018 Preparation- In this article, we are going talk about preparation tips for JEE. Being one of the toughest paper to crack, the preparation for JEE should be started much before the actual exam. One has to follow strict regime to crack the JEE exam.

Following tips are prepared by some of the best faculty and successful JEE candidates.

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Starting of JEE Main and Advanced 2018 Preparation

Ideal time to start preparation for JEE is at the beginning of 11th class. Students are fresh, after the break of class 10 board exams and ready to step on the gas. Students who start preparations bit late, end up skipping some important topics of class 11 syllabus, which coincides with JEE syllabus.

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Even worse, if you are starting your preparations in class 12, then the amount of things you would need to study would increase manifold. That is mainly because additional pressure of class 12 board exams. In the end, your chances of getting good rank in JEE would decrease drastically.

Main difference between, studies till class 10 and after that is that earlier one is mostly based on the mugging, while the later is more focused on understanding the concepts. So, you will not get scared by complexity of JEE exam syllabus, if you start early.

You should spend the first two or three months in revising your basic concepts. Topics like algebra, mechanics are taught in 9th class. But now you need to take your level to JEE level. Concepts in these topics should be studied in great detail. They will form the base for other topics as well and are very scoring in the exam. In the end, there should not be any doubt in your mind regarding these concepts.

Clearing all your doubts is important to feel confident in tackling any problem. Main key in this area is question-solving ability. Regular question solving will not only solidify the concepts, but also increase your mental sharpness and time taken, both of which are very important for JEE. Initially, solve low difficulty level questions. Later, move on to typical JEE type questions.

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It is not advisable to memorise the lessons and formulae. Understand how these are derived and apply them while solving problems. Ultimately, as you will use them in problem solving, you will be able to recall them under any pressure situation. Clear understanding and easy familiarity with the concepts and laws is utmost important. Try to be analytical in approach rather than being intuitive. Remember that hard work always pays! (Golden words) 

JEE Preparation Tips
IIT JEE 2018 Preparation

Selection of Coaching Institutes for JEE 2018 Preparation

Importance of this topic can not be understated. This will play an important role in deciding your rank and hence later life as well. JEE coaching is far too commercialised than I would have preferred. Many coaching institutes claim to have produced hundreds of ranks and top rankers. You should not fall prey to these gimmicks. One wrong decision can lower your rank or failure at JEE.

JEE Main and Advanced Previous 10 Years Solved Question Papers

Therefore before joining any coaching institute, you should check following:

  • How old is the institute
  • How many students from the coaching institute got selected into the older IITs last year. Ideally this number should be more than 40 (depends on size of the city and student population).
  • Ask the institute to give phone numbers of the successful candidates and talk with them regarding the faculty and support.
  • Talk with few students who are already studying there. Ask them about the faculty and the support (very important) of the institute.
  • Check background of the faculty, especially the ones in which you are weak.
  • Difficulty level of the assignments and how regularly the study material is updated.
  • Their plan to finish the syllabus
  • At last but definitely not the least, if your parents’ capability to pay the fees.

For students living in far flung areas or with transportation or safety problems, online coaching should be preferred. Some tips for online coaching are:

  • The faculty should have very strong reputation and credentials
  • How much time, they will be able to devote to you
  • Check online reviews and feedbacks
  • Take free demo sessions to ascertain quality of the faculty.

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Course Planning for JEE Main and Advanced 2018 Preparation

Course planning for JEE preparation is essential in every sense. You should plan this in class 11 itself. Carefully go through all the topics and prepare your own shortlist of topics, and the time period by when you are going to complete them. Finishing the JEE syllabus at least six months before the exam is crucial for revision and doing practice papers. Use summer vacations of class 12 to finish most of your JEE syllabus.

As per my humble understanding, you can follow following course plan.

JUNE TO OCTOBER of Class 11: Physics: Mathematical concepts used in Physics, Basic mechanics, stoichiometry. Physical Chemistry: atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic table. Math: Algebra: number theory, progressions, quadratic equations.

OCTOBER TO JANUARY of Class 11: Physics: mechanics, waves. Physical Chemistry: equilibrium, kinetics, heat, electrolysis, thermochemistry. Math: algebra, complex numbers, trigonometry.

JANUARY TO MAY of Class 11: Physics: fluid mechanics, heat, gravitation. Inorganic Chemistry: gas laws, properties and metallurgy of metals and non metals. Math: analytic geometry, binomial theorem, permutations and combinations.

MAY TO AUGUST of Class 12: Physics: Electricity and Electrostatics. Chemistry: solutions, solids, electrochemistry, transition metals, qualitative analysis. Math: differentiation and integration.

AUGUST TO October of Class 12: Physics: optics, magnetism, modern physics. Organic Chemistry. Math: vectors, differential equations, probability.

NOVEMBER TO Exams: Revision

Having said all this, your course plan can vary as per your strengths and weaknesses in specific topics.

However if you follow this course plan for your JEE preparation, your entire course will be finished in time and ample time will be left for your revision and solving practice papers. Remember that revision and solving practice papers is essential to ensure success in JEE. In order to maximise your chances, you have to plan in advance and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Important Topics of JEE Mains and Advanced 2018

Concentrating on the right topics will not only help in clearing JEE, but also get you a good rank. Many topics will take major chunk of your time. However, spending too much time on some of these topics at cost of other topics can result in failure. Many topics of JEE syllabus are very easy i.e. NCERT level.

The key to clear and getting high rank in JEE is to master easy and scoring topics. You need to spend time on these easy topics and try to earn rewards. JEE is not just about studying, it’s about smart studying

Here is a list of few easy but rewarding topics

  • Modern Physics and Electronics: easy and repetitive nature of questions
  • Wave Optics: you can’t easier topic than this. Questions only repeat here
  • Inorganic and Physical Chemistry: NCERT is more than sufficient
  • Solid State: As easy as it can get
  • Probability and Differentiation: both topics are very conceptual and easy to master. Not much change in pattern of questions
  • Differential EquationsIf you are good in differentiation, this will be cake walk. Again not much change in pattern of questions.

Once again, these topics are easy to me. For you, the same list might be different. But point remains same, concentrate on easy topics and don’t let easy marks slip out of grasp.

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Examination Strategies for JEE Main and Advanced 2018 Preparation

Revision for JEE Main and Advanced

  • About one month before your exam, solve questions of all topics.
  • Solve as many numerical questions as you can. Do not work on lengthy questions, just focus on objective questions.
  • Once again, go through all the important concepts and formulae. Try not to miss anything.
  • Give more or less equal time to all three subjects
  • Keep in mind negative marking for wrong answers.

One day before JEE

  • Sleep at least 6-8 hours. That will keep you fresh. You don’t want to be sleepy or tired in the examination hall.
  • Don’t eat heavy and oily food
  • Revise only topics which you feel require extra attention. Don’t start anything new.
  • If you like, go for walk in the evening. I know many people even go to movies, although for me long quiet walk works the best.
  • Locate your test centre. If possible, go there, go. Sachin Tendulkar used to sit on the pitch a day before match, so get feel of being there.

On JEE Exam Day

  • Reach your test centre at least half an hour before starting of the exam.
  • If your exam centre is in another city, reach that city at least one day prior to the exam and visit the centre at least one hour before starting of the exam.
  • Eat something light. I always recommend salad. Keep some liquid like juice and solid like fruits and biscuits handy.
  • If you tend to feel nausea or headache under pressure, keep relevant medicine handy.
  • Keep a wristwatch, your admit card, two pen, two pencils (sharpened at both ends), an eraser, a sharpener and any other thing you might feel important. But for don’t carry too many things. You won’t need them.

In JEE Examination Room

  • Synchronise your wristwatch with the centre’s clock. That is very important.
  • Keep admit card on the table
  • Don’t use red pen. You have not idea, how many students I have seen using them.

Things to Remember During JEE Exam

  • Read instructions carefully. You don’t want to know change in pattern after the exam
  • Mark the questions which you want to review once more
  • Don’t attempt to solve all questions in haste. That will only increase errors.
  • Never ever attempt two questions at the same time. Golden rule, one thing at a time.
  • Do all the rough work in the space given in the question paper.
  • Where ever you need, for example in geometry, draw diagrams for your better understanding.
  • Use the value of constants given in the paper in solving a numerical. If the value is not mentioned, use the one you remember.

Time Management during JEE Main and Advanced

  • Don’t loose your cool during the paper. Even more important, don’t panic. If you feel you are not anywhere, just close your eyes for few seconds to regain your composure.
  • Keep your cheerful and positive mood. That will get you across.
  • If you tension is rising during the exam, take few deep breaths and you will feel tension just gone.
  • On seeing the paper, don’t get demotivated or overexcited. Being demoted will make even easy questions look tough. Being overconfident will make you commit mistakes which you will later regret.
  • Don’t get depressed by tough questions. They are tough for everyone else well. Believe in your preparation.
  • Don’t make any question prestige issue. If you are not able to solve the question in few minutes, move on. There are plenty of fish in the pond.
  • Don’t worry about the cut-off marks for JEE. It varies each year with difficulty level of the exam.

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I have tried to cover everything about JEE preparation, however if anything is left in this article, do let me know in the comment section. In addition, if you need any clarifications, feel free to contact me.

These are general JEE preparation tips. These will apply to both JEE Mains and JEE Advance. I will be posting separate articles for Main and Advance exam later.

Keep studying

Best of Luck (although luck don’t play any role here)

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