ISC Class 12 Exams: Math Preparation Tips

ISC Class 12 Math Preparation Tips

Dear ISC Class 12 Math Students,

In this article, we will tell ISC Class 12 Students on how to plan for Math board exam. Students often feel that math is the toughest exam to crack. That is why we are bringing pre-exam planning tips. These simple and effective preparation strategies will help you to score good marks.

The ISC has released the Class 12 Board exam date sheet for 2017 and math exam is scheduled for March 15, 2017.

Here is the plan for the remaining days, that you must follow to score good marks

Pre-exam Planning for ISC Math Exam

    1. You must revise each lesson at least once.
    2. At least go through all the examples and exercises from your text book and solve difficult questions
    3. While revising the subject, keep in mind exam pattern, weightage of chapter, and kind of questions usually asked.
    4. Solve few sets of sample papers of same exam pattern in exam like conditions. Follow same approach for all the chapters. On an average, you should allocate 1.5 minute per 1 mark. Practice will help you in time management.
    5. Get your answers checked by your teachers. You can get boost in your preparations by booking Math tutoring sessions with Vagupu. Vagupu has some of the best online Math tutors.
    6. You should complete these test papers in two and half hours (instead of the actual three hours). If possible, attempt the tests on actual exam timing ie. 2pm.
    7. Avoid simple and silly mistakes like
      • Numerical calculation
      • Forgetting to add constant (C) in indefinite integral questions
      • Forgetting to write the equations of the line in standard form before starting further calculation

Exam Day Planning for ISC Math Exam

  1. Get good sleep (don’t try to slog in mid night), eat light brunch (because math exam is in the afternoon) and reach your exam centre on time.
  2. Carry your admit card and pencil box. Your pencil box should have two sharpened pencils, two good quality pens, erasers, compass and scale.
  3. Read the instructions carefully before writing the answers. Strategise and prioritise questions and topics you want to solve first and later.
  4. Remember to draw diagrams for maxima-minima and area bound by curves questions.
  5. Try to complete the paper in 150-160 minutes. Keep last 20-30 minutes for revision.


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