JEE Advanced 2017 Exam- Question Paper and Answer

JEE Advanced 2017 Exam

IIT Madras conducted JEE Advanced 2017 exam on 21 May 2017. JEE Advanced exam had two compulsory papers i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2. JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper 1 and 2 were held in the offline mode.

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1- Question and Answer Key Download Pdf

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 2- Question and Answer Key Download Pdf

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1- Analysis

JEE Advanced Paper 1 was moderately difficult. But if you compare it with last year, the paper was slightly easier. The paper had a mix of MCQs, integer type and passive type single choice questions.

For every correct multiple-correct choice questions, students are awarded 4 marks, 1 mark for partially correct answers and 2 marks are deducted for incorrect answers. The questions had partial marking. Integer type questions awarded students 3 marks for correct answer, while didn’t deduct any mark for wrong answer. Passage type single choice questions awarded students 3 marks for correct answer and deducted 1 mark for incorrect one.

In total, the paper had 54 questions worth total of 183 marks. 21 multiple correct choice questions had total weight of 84 marks, 15 integer type questions constituted of 45 marks and 18 passage type questions contributed to 54 marks.

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 1 Pattern

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 1 Physics Pattern

Physics paper was slightly difficult. But compared to last year, it was easier. Questions were both of of conceptual nature and formula type.

Topic# of QuestionMarks
Electromagnetic Induction413
Fluid Mechanics27
Modern Physics26
Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision14
Alternating Current14
Wave Motion and String Waves14
Heat Transfer14
Sound Waves13

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 1 Chemistry Pattern

Chemistry paper was also moderately difficult. Compared to last year, it was higher in difficulty level. The paper had both conceptual-based and calculation-based questions.

Topic# of QuestionsMarks
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids39
Atomic Structure39
P-Block Elements28
Organic Chemistry27
Solid State13
Coordination Compounds13
Chemical Bonding13

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 1 Math Pattern

Math paper was easy this time. Compared to last year, it was much easier. Still questions required thorough understanding of concepts.

Topic# of QuestionsMarks
Application of Derivatives39
Definite Integral27
Limits and Continuity14
Complex Numbers14
Permutations and Combinations13
Sequence and Series13

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 2 Pattern

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 2 Physics Pattern

Topic# of QuestionsMarks
Rotational Dynamics517
Current Electricity14
Alternating Currents14
Wave Optics14
Measurement and Errors13
Modern Physics13

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 2 Chemistry Pattern

Topic# of QuestionsMarks
P-Block Elements413
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers26
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen26
Chemical Kinetics14
Some P-Block Elements14
Surface Chemistry14
Equilibrium in Physical and Chemical Processes14
Haloalkenes and Haloarenes14
Study of First Element: Hydrogen13

JEE Advanced 2017- Paper 2 Math Pattern

Topic# of QuestionsMarks
3D Geometry412
Application of Derivatives311
Definite Integrals28
Theory of Equations26
Area of Bounded Regions14
Limits and Continuity14
Sets, Relations and Functions13
Differential Equations13

JEE Advanced 2017- Cut Off

JEE Advanced 2017 exam cut off for different categories are below

S.NoCategory wise Rank ListMinimum percentage of marks in each subjectMinimum percentage of aggregate marks
1Common rank list (CRL)1035
2OBC‐NCL rank list931.5
3ST Rank List517.5
4SC Rank List517.5
5OBC‐NCL‐PwD rank list517.5
6Common‐PwD rank list (CRL‐PwD)517.5
7ST-PwD Rank List517.5
8SC- PwD Rank List517.5
9Preparatory course rank lists2.58.75


Following are the comparison of closing ranks of general category in 2014, 2015 and 2016 across IITs. These ranks were given after JEE Advanced results

S.No.InstituteClosing Rank
1IIT Bombay277626374880
2IIT Indore444642507732
3IIT Delhi466947065431
4IIT Ropar415249007372
5IIT Madras465849505319
6IIT Kanpur516249737469
7IIT Jodhpur689551256006
8IIT Hyderabad534258626844
9IIT Mandi514663137124
10IIT Kharagpur610764496312
11IIT Guwahati657868598000
12IIT Patna619069498891
13IIT Gandhinagar629970246869
14IIT Tirupati71978536
15IIT Roorkee657572207531
16IIT Palakkad73308648
17IIT Bhubaneswar642373528482
18IIT BHU701574849805
19ISM Dhanbad714481189530

About JEE Advanced 2017

JEE Advanced will provide opportunity to the candidates for admission in IITs, NITs, CFITs, IIITs and various other government institutions for various courses. JEE Adv is one of the most prestigious exam in India. The candidates need years of preparation to be fully prepared for this exam. That is why for right preparation for JEE Advanced 2018, 2019 and beyond, students should prepare from JEE advanced 2017 question papers and answer. Only with the right preparation you will be able to secure the right rank in your first JEE attempt.

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