JEE Main 2017 FAQs – JEE Main Application Form Filling

JEE Main 2017 FAQs - Application form filling

Dear JEE Main Applicants,

In this article, we have answered all the questions we have received regarding JEE Main 2017 application form filling and eligibility criteria.

If you have any question regarding JEE Main 2017, check these questions and answers, most probably it has already been answered here. However if you are not able to find answer to your question, kindly ask your question in the comment section given below and we will answer it as soon as possible.

JEE Main 2017 FAQs

Q #1- I appeared in class 12 exams in 2014, but due to compartment my result was declared in August 2015. Am I eligible to appear in JEE Main 2017.

Ans- Yes

Q #2- I appeared in class 12 exams in 2016, but I will appear for improvement in upcoming 2017. Am I eligible to appear in JEE Main 2017

Ans- If you are appearing only for few subjects, then top 20 percentile cut-off for 2016 will be considered. But, if you are appearing again for all the subjects in 2017, in that case, best of the two performances will be considered for your class 12 marks.

Q #3- While calculating percentile for class 12 marks, how many subjects are considered.

Ans- All five subjects of your class 12 exam are considered

Q #4- I am applying for improvement for class 12 in 2017, then what should I fill in JEE Main application form

Ans- 12th appearing.

Q #4- I am applying for improvement exam, what should i fill in roll number and marks space to be filled in JEE Main application form 2017

Ans- Leave it blank

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Q #5- Can i give JEE Main 2017 exam. I already have a NIT seat

Ans- Yes, only if you surrender your NIT seat.

Q #6- I passed class 12 in 2016, but I didn’t apply in 2016. Can i apply in JEE Main 2017, my aggregate marks are 51%

Ans- You can appear in JEE Main, but you are not qualified for admission to IITs, NITs and CFTIs.

Q #7- I am a student of 2nd year in NIT. I didn’t appear for JEE Main in 2016. Can I appear in JEE Main 2017.

Ans- Yes.

Q #8- I passed class 12 in 2015 from CBSE board and appeared in JEE Mains in 2015. I also appeared in class 12 exams again in 2016 from state board. This year while applying for JEE Main 2017, which class 12 exam should I put

Ans- I am not sure about this. You should better consult CBSE regarding this. JEE Main is conducted by CBSE.

Q #9- Sir, I have got 67% in class 12 from Bihar board. Am I eligible for admission in IIT.

Ans- If you are from general category, then you are not eligible for JEE Mains. However if you are from SC/ST category, then you are eligible.

Q #10- I am from Nepal, can I apply for JEE Main exam

Ans- Yes.

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Q #11- I have appeared for class 12 exams in 2014, but result was declared in 2015. Can I apply for JEE Main 2017.

Ans- You are eligible to apply for the exam this year

Q #12- I am from Bihar, but studying for class 12 in West Bengal. What is my eligibility of state

Ans- Eligibility of state is the state from which you have passed or will be passing class 12 exams.

Q #13 What is the different between the pen paper based exam and computer based exam (CBT) in JEE Main

Ans- The pen-paper based exam is conducted on paper, while CBT is on the computer. Bottom line, if you are comfortable with computer and can sit in front of it for long time, you should apply for CBT.

Q #14 I passed 12th board exam in 2014 with 46% in core subject PCM, am i eligible for 2017 Mains.

Ans- No

Q #15 I have got 35 in maths, 63 in chemistry and 67 in physics, am I eligible for JEE Main 2017

Ans- No

Q #16 Sir, I passed class 10 in 2011 and passed 12 in 2016, am I eligible for JEE Main 2017
Ans- Yes

Q #17 Is their any minimum marks requirement for any class 12 subject, to fill JEE Main application form

Ans- There is no minimum marks criteria.

Q #18 I have not taken Math in 12th class. My subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Biotechnology. Can I apply JEE Main?

Ans- No, Math is compulsory for JEE Main.

Q #19- My aggregate of 6 subjects is 78% in class 12 board, but with math, the aggregate is 71. Am I eligible for JEE Main. I am from general category.

Ans- No, you are not eligible for JEE Main. Minimum percentage required for general category applicants is 75%.

Q #20- Sir, I have applied for improvement exam of PCM. Am I eligible for JEE Mains 2017

Ans- Yes

Q #21-  I have got only 49% marks in PCM in class 12th exam. Can I fill the JEE application form?

Ans- Only if your aggregate of 5 subjects is more than 75% (general and OBC categories) or 65% (SC and ST categories). Check JEE Main Eligibility Criteria

Q #22- How do I have to pay fees for JEE Main

Ans- You can pay the fees from debit card or e-challan.

Q #23- Can a class 11 student, fill the form?

Ans- No

Q # 24- Sir. any payment relaxation for wards of Ex serviceman general category

Ans- No

Q #25- What is the minimum percentage and subject wise minimum marks in class 12 exams to be eligible for JEE-Main?

Ans- There is no minimum subject wise requirement. Overall aggregate of marks should be more than 75% for general and OBC category candidates and 65% for SC and ST category candidates.

Q #26- I m giving compartment in maths can I apply for JEE Mains

Ans- Yes.

Q #27- My son is foreign born, but he is studying in India from CBSE board. Is he eligible for JEE Mains or he has to apply through DASA. He holds a foreign passport

Ans- He is eligible for JEE Mains.

Q #28- I am diploma 3rd year student, am I eligible for JEE Mains?

Ans- Yes. Diploma students are eligible for IITs, but not NITs and CFTIs

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Q #29- What is state eligibility?

Ans- State eligibility means the state from where candidate has passed class 12 board exam

Q #30- We are from Gujarat, but currently staying in Punjab. My daughter is giving class 12 exam in Punjab (CBSE board). Can she apply JEE Main from Gujarat.

Ans- Yes

Q #31- I am presuming 3 year in Polytechnic diploma, I want to appear in JEE Main exam. Please advice me.

Ans- Diploma students are eligible for IITs, but not NITs and CFTIs

Q #32- I belong to OBC category, but right now, I don’t have to the relevant document. I have applied for it and it will take 1 month. Should I fill the JEE Mains application form from OBS or General category?

Ans- You should fill OBC. The certificate will be required later at the time of document verification

Q #33- I passed my PU exams in 2011, Am I eligible for JEE Main?

Ans- No

Q #34- Are foreign nationals (PIO) eligible to apply for JEE Main 2017?

Ans- Yes


We sincerely hope that we have been able to answer your queries regarding JEE Main 2017. If your query is not mentioned here, feel free to ask your question in the comment section given below and we will answer it as soon as possible. Students should also check a comprehensive list of JEE Main Eligibility.

Happy studying

Best of Luck

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