KVPY Preparation 2017 – Tips and Tricks

KVPY Preparation 2017 – Tips and Tricks

In this article we will provide you the KVPY Preparation Tips and Tricks for the last moment of your examinations. KVPY is the scholarship programme of Government of India for science students.

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) exam will be held on 29 Oct 2017. Students all over the nation are adapting to do their best in the exam. KVPY is the most coveted cooperation programs in essential sciences started by DST (Department of Science and Technology, Government of India).

The vast majority of the competitors who will show up for the exam will either be showing up for building placement tests or MBBS` selection tests in not so distant future. However, those can’t be contrasted and KVPY. The exam separates itself as being unified with a substantial concentrate on multi idea usage in each question.

KVPY Preparation – Tips and Tricks

Here are a few things you have to remember, certain KVPY preparation tips that will help you get the edge over different under studies.

  • As only few days are left, we would suggest not to pick up any new topic, especially something that is tough and you have not touched so far. It will confuse you and you may forget other things that you already know.
  • If you are preparing for JEE or NEET exams, the KVPY Syllabus is almost the same. Thus both preparations can go side by side without affecting each other. If you are studying NCERT or any other study materials thoroughly, then cracking KVPY questions will be easy for you.
  • Revise all concepts before the exam. If you have prepared notes, include the important formulas, theorems and key terms.
  • If there is a topic that you have tried to grasp for a long time, and still feel you are not confident enough in, give it one last shot today. Be calm when you study such a topic and maybe you will finally grasp it. But do not get worked up over it at all.
  • Take a mock test. It is very important that you take KVPY Mock Tests. Sometimes it is easier to solve a question in a relaxed atmosphere, but when the student goes to give the exam, he gets nervous. So prepare yourself to give an exam.

KVPY 2017- On Exam Day

  • On the day of the exam, try to stay calm. It is normal to get butterflies in the stomach. But listen to your parents, be responsible and eat well. Going empty stomach may make you dizzy and you will not be able to concentrate on your exam. Take a bath, relax, take some long breaths.
  • Sleep well- This is very very important. In this, we would advise the parents and guardians to ensure that the student takes a balanced meal the night before the exam and goes to bed early. Staying up late and feeling sleepy during exam will spoil everything. You need to be as alert as a soldier during the exam.
  • Tell yourself “I can do it!“. Sometimes, all you need is a little boost of confidence.
  • Do not talk to too many people before exams. Someone may ask you “Hey! Have you done this chapter?” and you will think “Damn! I did not!”. Avoid people and their curious questions till before the exam.
  • Reach the test centre at least half an hour early. But do not go too early. Standing outside the centre can make you nervous. So be there, but do not camp a tent outside hours earlier.

KVPY 2017- In exam hall

  • The examination hall: Look around. Be comfortable. Keep your belongings like water bottle, stationery, Admit Card in a proper place. Be the king of the hall. You need to be absolutely comfortable.
  • Remember all your KVPY preparation which you have done over the months. That will help you
  • In case the hall is not very proper, try to adjust. For cases like less lighting, you may request the invigilators to help you out. They can switch on lights, open windows and so on. Be resourceful.
  • When you get the paper, first of all fill in the details carefully. Do not hurry yourself up. Be calm.
  • When you start with a question, quickly determine whether it is (a) Very easily solvable (b) Will require little time to get through (c) I can’t do it right now
  • For (a) and (b) type, do them in first go. But be accurate. More than getting an answer, getting it right is important. Remember, there is negative marking.
  • Once you are done with questions of type (a) and (b), you can attempt questions of type (c).
  • After the exam, do not stay back to discuss the paper with friends or peers. We would suggest you go back and relax. Later in the evening, we will provide you with the Answer keys. You can get an idea of your performance from there.

KVPY 2017 – Exam Pattern

There are 3 levels in this KVPY Exam pattern

  1. KVPY SA: For Class XI students
  2. KVPY SX: For Class XII students
  3. KVPY- SB: For 1st year Students of B. Sc. /B.S. / Integrated M.Sc. /M.S
  • There are two parts in KVPY- SX & SB Exam. Here you have to answer any three subjects in Part-1 and and two subject in Part-2.
  • Total marks are 100 (Part-1: 3×20 + Part-2: 2×20). Time duration – 3 hours.
  • Negative marking – 25% for each wrong answer (i.e. -0.25 mark in Part-1 & -0.5 mark in Part-2)
Part 1
SubjectQuestionsMark per QTotal Marks
Total Mark6060
Part 2
SubjectQuestionsMark per QTotal Marks
Total Mark2040


To get general thought of the question paper design and their trouble levels, you can unravel KVPY Previous Year Question Papers. You ought to set examination condition and set time according to the time given in the examination and fathom the paper. It help in building certainty and understanding the examination in better way.

Test papers are likewise intended to give thought of the question paper sort, theme secured and checking plan. You can likewise attempt KVPY Sample Papers to comprehend points which are critical for the examination and hold higher imprints.

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