Last Minute Tips for JEE Main 2017. Important Topics for JEE Main 2017

jee mains last minute tips

On 2nd April 2017, lakhs of JEE aspirants will for JEE Main. Most of the aspirants have studied very hard for last one year. Here are few last-minute tips for JEE Main 2017 and important topics that you should have last look before going for JEE mains 2017 exam.

JEE MAIN 2017: Last Minute Tips

  • Don’t study anything new. Revise the concepts and formulae. Pay special attention to areas in which you are good.
  • Finish easy questions first, irrespective of the subject.
  • No one scores 100 per cent marks. So don’t waste your over one particular question
  • Pay careful attention to the questions with negative marking
  • In questions with no negative marks, take an intelligent guess, using process of elimination.
  • Try previous year question papers in stipulated time period.
  • Do not attempt questions, in which you know absolutely nothing. Try elimination of at least two options through your knowledge, then only do the guess work.
  • It is fine to leave few topics. I know many students who were among top AIR 500, who had left few topics. Main point is accuracy matters more than attempts. (Golden Words)
  • One of the major mistakes almost most of the students make is that they don’t adjust their biological clock to the exam time.
  • Remember- Generally exams given by coaching institutes are much tougher than the original JEE Main paper.

If you find the too quickly and mostly answer is option A, then most likely it is a trap

JEE Main 2017 Mathematics- Last Minute Tips

    • Algebra- The questions are primarily property-based. Look at the options and find deviation from normal pattern. Mostly the option with deviation is the answer
    • Quadratic Equations- Mostly questions are based on alpha, beta and gamma
    • Coordinate Geometry- Use Process of Elimination (PoE) i.e. put the given options in the equation and check where it fits
    • Complex Numbers- Try to find out, if the answer is real or imaginary number. Mostly two of the options are real number. Eliminate the options that don’t fit the bill.
    • Integration- Differentiate the given options and find the answer
    • Differentiation- Integrate the given options and find the answer

JEE Main 2017 Physics- Last Minute Tips

    • Fastest way to solve a Physics question is to find unit of the answer. Then using process of elimination eliminate wrong options and work with options with correct units.
    • Optics- Easiest topic. Questions mostly have only one-step solutions. You need to compare options with the given question. Correct choice will automatically appear.
    • Electricity- Questions are mostly property based. You need to be thorough with all the properties. Mostly only 1-2 options satisfy the property being asked in the question.
    • Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics-  Very concept based topics. Questions will not require more than application of basic formulae. Only thing is that you first need to understand the language of the questions

Dimensional analysis works even when you know absolutely nothing about the question.

JEE Main 2017 Chemistry- Last Minute Tips

    • Periodic Table questions-  Questions are only based on properties of elements. If you know the properties, you will solve them, otherwise not.
    • Thermodynamics and Nuclear Chemistry-  Very concept based topics. Questions will not require more than application of basic formulae. Only thing is that you first need to understand the language of the questions
    • Organic Chemistry- Nothing can be easier than this. 45-50% marks are from it. Compare options with the reactions. Only 1-2 options are relevant.
    • Physical Chemistry- Questions are always numerical. But to solve these numerical questions, one needs to be very clear on concepts.

JEE Main Last Minute Tips: Conclusion

You have done whatever you could have done. It is the ACTION TIME.

This is the final week before the actual JEE Main exam. Become a Monk. Keep yourself separated from every negative energy source. Feel proud that for all the hard work you have done. Very few actually have courage to do all this

I strongly recommend to turn off things like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Don’t hang out with coaching institute friends.

My best wishes for everyone to all of you.

As they say in Hindi – Paper phod dalo

Do let us know how your paper went. We are waiting for your comments.

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