NEET Preparation Tips

NEET Preparation Tips

NEET Toppers Time Table- In this article, we will talk about preparation tips of NEET (AIPMT). We will talk about the best strategies to clear NEET exam. These preparation tips will help you to gain more knowledge, learn new things and succeed in NEET. This exam is not easy to crack and especially if you are aiming for high rank. Therefore having right preparation strategy will be very helpful.

Following tips are prepared by some of the best faculty and successful NEET candidates.

NEET 2018 Syllabus

Know All About NEET Exam

It is very important that you should know as many details about the NEET exam as possible. You should be well aware of the NEET syllabus, the NEET exam dates and NEET paper pattern.

This will help you to understand what you are up against, how much you have study and what are the important topics in the NEET exam. By knowing the exam dates, you will be able to plan your study schedule accordingly, so to finish all the syllabus and practice papers in advance.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Create A Study Time Table for NEET Exam

Here is how you can plan your day in 7 easy steps:

Get a calendar, a dairy and a pen– You have to utilise every bit of time you have got. Check your school exam dates and dates of other important things, which you cannot miss. After that, start planning exam preparation plan, as per the syllabus. You need to be practical here.

You need to minimise time wasting things like watching movies or cricket matches, hanging out with friends or family.

Set your priorities: There are certain things in life, which you cannot afford to miss, set time for them in advance. For everything else, I am not saying just stop doing them, but minimise them for the sake of NEET.

How to Prepare for NEET and Boards

Set out a long hours for studying: This should be your main job these days. You will be busy with school and coaching classes, so you need to allot time in evening or night for self-study as well.

Your health is second to none: You have no idea how many students I have seen who just can’t keep up pressure and ultimately fall sick. That is why keep some time for yoga or exercises, to help you to relax. Bad health has been sighted as one of the major reasons for some of the good students’ failure.

If you feel sleepy between your study time don’t sleep, but take a break and walk in park or talk with family members. However for some, power naps have done wonders.

Following is sleep schedule of one of the students, who was selected in AIIMS:

  • 10pm to 4am – 6 hour sleep
  • 8am to 9 am – 1 hour sleep
  • 5am to 6am – 1 hour sleep

Get enough sleep: Don’t rush for studies by sacrificing your sleep. Adequate sleep will refreshen your mind and body, which in turn will help you to study more effectively.

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

NEET Coaching– Online or Offline?

NEET coaching is one of the important part of your NEET preparation. You need to have crystal clear concepts. That only will help you in scoring high and get that extra edge over other applicants in the NEET exam.

Back in old days, all the aspirants had only access to physical coaching centres. It was the only option to prepare for MBBA exams. But times have changed, now applicants like you have access to internet and thus best study materials and lecture videos right at your finger tips.

According to some surveys, more than 50% successful candidates opt for online coaching rather than physical coaching centres. Here, we are going to talk about pros and cons of both types of learning mediums, without being biased.

NEET 2018 Sample Papers with Solutions

Advantages of Online NEET Coaching:

  • Study at your own pace
  • Refer to video lectures as many times as you want
  • Study from the comfort of your home. No travelling required
  • Easy to track the progress using online tools
  • Ask as many doubts as you want
  • Interact with the best students from all over India
  • Study from the best faculty in the country

Disadvantages of Online NEET Coaching

  • No face-to-face interaction with fellow students
  • Easy to get lost in overwhelming information available online

Advantages of Offline NEET Coaching

  • Face-to-face interaction with the faculty
  • Interaction with fellow students
  • Established schedule for completing entire syllabus

Disadvantages of Offline NEET Coaching

  • Time limitations. You can’t ask too many questions in the class, no matter what they say at the time of admission
  • Your options are limited to only what is available in your city
  • Traveling is a big waste of time

As you can see, there is no universal answer to what medium one should choose. You need to evaluate your options carefully take a decision.

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Choose the Order to Study the NEET Topics Wisely

The right order of topics to study depends on the time remaining

If you have more than one year, you can revise the topics, in order of their importance in NEET exam

If you have more than 6 months, you can revise the topics in the order you have studied them in the school

If you have less still time remaining, you need to revise the whole course then study the topics in which you are weak first.

NEET 2017 Question Paper and Solution Download

Study, Practice and Revise for NEET Exam

To prepare each topic for NEET exam, we recommend you to start with basic course material like NCERT books. Mind you NCERT books are not at all basic in nature. But they are a great way to start the preparation. Once you have mastered them, by that we mean you have solved all the problems given at the end of the chapter, move to supplementary study material.

You can find complete list of best books to prepare for NEET exam here. 

Self study is the most important aspect of NEET preparation. You can take as many coaching as you want, buy as many books as you can, but until and unless you study them yourself, you won’t succeed.

Do not leave any topic. Even for the difficult topics, you should learn fundamental definitions, concepts & formulae and practice related problems. You need to concentrate on difficult questions in easy topics, so that you can have command on those topics.

Remember, that more you practice from NEET level questions, better you become. So don’t forget to solve previous year question papers as well. You can find NEET previous year question papers here for download and AIIMS previous year question papers here for download

There is nothing called new question. AIPMT (NEET) examiners have to test students year after year on the same concepts, to establish they are capable of making it to the top ranks of NEET exam. So, questions do repeat.

In addition, solving previous year’s NEET question papers will help you to understand the mindset of the person who sets these questions.

Chapter Wise Weightage for NEET 2018 Pdf

NEET Physics Preparation Tips

The physics section of NEET exam is lengthy and requires extensive numerical calculation. Concepts which are asked are tougher than the previous years’ NEET question papers. Out of total 45 questions asked in NEET 2016 physics section, 22 were from Class 11 and 23 from Class 12. Most of the concepts were from NCERT books. Some physics questions required multi-pronged strategy.

NEET Chemistry Preparation Tips

The chemistry section of NEET exam is now comparatively easier and conventional as compared to past 10 years. Numerical questions being asked are quite simple and easy to solve. Most of the questions being asked are formula-based. In chemistry section of NEET 2016 exam, some questions were out of NCERT books. Some of the questions in the exam paper were of new trend and paper missed few important topics like chemistry in everyday life, environmental chemistry, etc. completely.

NEET Biology Preparation Tips

The biology section of NEET exam is comparatively moderate in nature. The biology section gives equal weightage to Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus. For NEET exam preparation, biology should be divided into botany and zoology. In NEET 2016 exam, botany section got more importance than zoology. If we talk about the difficulty level of questions, easy, medium and difficult problems were almost of equal distribution. Few questions were out of NCERT books.

Best Books for NEET Preparation

NEET Preparation- Best Practices

  • Early starters win the race. Begin your NEET preparation as soon as possible
  • Give equal attention to topics from Class 11 and Class 12 for your exam preparation
  • Make sure, your basics are crystal clear.
  • NCERT should be starting point of your NEET preparation, but do not just prepare from the NCERT books. You need to refer the popular NEET reference books as well.
  • Make sure you solve at least last 10 years question papers.
  • Set well-defined short-term and long-term goals for your NEET preparations.
  • Achieve the targets set by you at any cost and check that by doing practice questions.
  • Make notes of each and every topic you study for quick revision. Devise your own techniques to reach solutions.
  • Keep a report card of your progress. Revise every topics frequently.
  • In starting days, study two subjects each day and later increase it to all three subjects, so that you get into the habit of thinking about all the subjects at same time.
  • Make sure to revise at least twice before the NEET exam.

Join a NEET Mock Test Series

Old wisdom says “Practice makes a man perfect.” So there is no reason why you should not join a NEET mock test series. You can work your way through to a top rank in the NEET exam by choosing the right mock test series. We are not recommending any particular mock test series.

You need to practice questions which test your knowledge in a challenging way. You should also practice daily. You need to practice with full length time-bound tests to test your preparation, time management skills and speed.

With right test series, you will be able to test your preparation against thousands other NEET applicants. You will also find in which areas, you are still weak and need to work harder.

Enjoy the NEET Preparation Journey

You will not be able to study for so many months continuously if you don’t enjoy studying. You should have that hunger to learn more and improve yourself. Take breaks when you feel like hitting the wall.

Talk with friends and family members. Don’t become a social pariah, at the same time, don’t loose your focus. You are a smart person, know your priorities and do whatever it requires to fulfil your dream of clearing NEET exam with a good rank.

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We have tried to cover all the important aspects of NEET Preparation. However if you think we have not covered any of the aspects or we need to change something, do let us know in the comment section given below.

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