NEET 2018 Syllabus | Biology, Physics, Chemistry Official Syllabus By CBSE

NEET 2018 Syllabus – We are giving here NEET syllabus for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Question paper of NEET 2018 will be based on this syllabus. The candidates who aspire to be MBBS or BDS from any medical institute in India should study from this NEET syllabus very carefully.

NEET 2018 Sample Papers with Solutions

NEET Biology 2018 Syllabus

Syllabus from Class 11Syllabus from Class 12
Diversity in Living WorldReproduction
Structural Organisation in Animals and PlantsGenetics and Evolution (Heredity and Variation)
Cell Structure, Function and divisionBiology and Human Welfare
Plant PhysiologyBiotechnology and Its Applications
Human physiologyEcology and Environment

Most Important Topics of NEET Botany Syllabus

Most Important Topics of NEET Zoology Syllabus


Full list of important Biology topics for NEET 2018


NEET 2018 Sample Papers with Solutions

NEET Physics 2018 Syllabus

 Syllabus from Class 11Syllabus from Class 12
Physical world and measurementElectrostatics
Laws of MotionCurrent Electricity
KinematicsMagnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Work, Energy, and PowerElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Properties of Bulk MatterDual Nature of Matter and Radiation
ThermodynamicsAtoms and Nuclei
Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic TheoryElectronic Devices
Oscillations and Waves

Most Important Topics of NEET Physics Syllabus


Full list of important Physics topics for NEET 2018


Best Books for NEET Preparation

NEET Chemistry 2018 Syllabus

Syllabus from Class 11Syllabus from Class 12
Some Basic Concepts of ChemistrySolid State
Structure of AtomSolutions
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesElectrochemistry
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChemical Kinetics
States of Matter: Gases and LiquidsSurface Chemistry
ThermodynamicsGeneral Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
Equilibriump-Block Elements
Redox Reactionsd and f Block Elements
HydrogenCoordination Compounds
s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Some p-Block ElementsAlcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles and TechniquesAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
HydrocarbonsOrganic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Environmental ChemistryBiomolecules
Chemistry in Everyday Life

Most Important Topics of NEET Chemistry Syllabus


Full list of important Chemistry topics for NEET 2018



How To Use NEET 2018 Syllabus

NEET Students need to study with help syllabus, sample paper and previous years’ question papers. All three resources, when used together, will be very useful for NEET exam

  • Go through the entire NEET syllabus
  • Start with most important topics first, and later with rest of the topics. Try not to skip any topic
  • After completing the topic, go through the important MCQs from our NEET Study resources
  • Once you are done with entire syllabus, revise every topic once again
  • Now prepare from sample paper and previous years’ question papers

About NEET Syllabus 2018

Students preparing for NEET 2018 should seriously prepare from the below given syllabus. The number of seats in medical colleges in India have come down drastically in last couple of years, while number of candidates have increased. That is why it makes more sense to better and smartly prepare from the official NEET syllabus. Here are some pointers for NEET 2018 syllabus:

  • This syllabus will help you to know the exact topics from which you will get questions in NEET 2018 exam
  • Some of the topics are not either covered in board exams or not as important so that can be left. However for NEET most of the topics given in the syllabus are very important. That is why you should not leave any topic as such
  • The NEET 2018 syllabus has been revised and is not same as NEET 2017 syllabus. That is why you should take extra precautions.

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