Top 10 Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids in SAT/ACT

tips to study sat and act

Dear Parents,

We know that all you parents out there want your children to take exams like SAT and ICT and score high marks in them. Helping your children in their studies is the best choice that you make for them. It will always help them and ease their way of reaching success. We also know that it is pretty hard for you parents in walking them through their way. Therefore we are here to help parents and children in their study patterns and much more.

We suggest you to go through the article thoroughly which gives you the information in the process of studying that you can adapt and help your children in studying as well.

Tips to help your Children Study Better for SAT/ ACT

Parents remember that your children desperately need your help during this testing time. Especially, if they have just written their Class 12 exams and preparing for a series of entrance exams. At this crucial juncture, parents need to be their children’s pillars of support on which they can lean on for all their needs. Be it in solving academic problems or dealing with the psychological and emotional threat that accompanies them during exam times. Parents have varied roles to play, experts say. Be for them 24X7.

Best Advice to Parents 

  1. Don’t pressure students to perform well in their exam, as it only stresses them out. Parents also have to take the lead in creating a conducive atmosphere at home, to help children concentrate on their studies.
  2. Build friendship with their children and be a guide. Be a source of encouragement, help them build confidence and crack the exam.
  3. Children absorb parents’ feelings. If the parents get worried and stressed out over their performance, the children sense their feelings and adopt them. Stay calm and relaxed. Even if your are doubtful about the result, make sure the children don’t sense that.
  4. Parents should reassure their children that they are more concerned about their well-being than results.
  5. Lay stress on healthy eating habits and ensure that your children don’t lose on nutrition. Avoid sugary snacks and junk food and instead insist on proper meals and healthy foodstuff like fruits and nuts.
  6. The whole family should restrain from watching TV. Noise can be the primary source of distraction for studying kids.
  7. Parents need to create a healthy routine while their children are preparing for the exams. Hour-long sessions with short breaks at the end of each session often work well.
  8. Parents can also offer to help with testing or ask if there is something that you can do for them. Most importantly, if your child is using the Internet to aid studies, ensure that s/he is using it exactly for that.
  9. It’s mandatory for a parent to know their children’s revision timetable, as well as know exactly the date, time and venue of each examination.
  10. Parent support is of paramount importance. Good or bad times, always stand by them. Believed in them whole-heartedly and did not disappoint them.


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I hope we were able to answer your queries regarding helping your kids with SAT and ACT. If you still have some question, feel free to post that in the comment section given below. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Happy Learning


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