CBSE 2016 Class 12 Chemistry- Download Paper and Complete Analysis

Previous Year Class 12 Physics CBSE question paper, 2016- Complete Analysis

CBSE 2016 Class 12 Chemistry- In this article, we are going to analyse CBSE 2016 Class 12 Chemistry question paper. The question paper is also available for download in pdf format.

The CBSE 2016 exam of Chemistry for Class 12 was conducted on March 9, 2016, by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Chemistry exam was easy this year. It seemed to be a compensation for the difficult and lengthy Chemistry exam paper. The Chemistry exam was objective and to the point, and the students were happy with the question paper.

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CBSE 2016 Class 12 Chemistry- Download Pdf

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Complete analysis of CBSE Class 12 Chemistry paper 2016

Students, who appeared for the Class 12 Chemistry board exam, were in for a surprise. After the balanced Chemistry paper, the Chemistry paper came across to the point test. The majority of students emerging out of CBSE Board Exam halls sported broad smiles and were satisfied with the given question paper.

The biggest relief for the nervous students came in the form of simple and straightforward questions. The CBSE Chemistry Paper for class 12 had direct and easy questions in general. Among the different sections, Section D was termed as the most lengthy and consumed maximum amount of time for the students. The only topic from which tricky questions were asked was Bio-Molecule chapter, but still the majority of students were able to attempt them. Some students found the numerical questions to be a tad lengthy with complex calculations, but they were still manageable. Some questions were directly asked from NCERT book which made matters easy for the students.

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CBSE 2016 Class 12 Chemistry- Difficulty level

All the sections in the Chemistry exam had easy, direct questions. It was only section D of the paper which had some time-taking questions. The questions from the Bio-Molecule chapter were a bit tricky, but almost every student had attempted them. Also, a number of questions in the exam were from NCERT book itself. Although numericals were a bit lengthy and calculations were tough, there were no questions which one could not understand and answer.

There was no overall choice in the question paper. However, internal choices were provided in:

  • one question of two marks
  • one question of three marks and
  • all the three questions of 5 marks

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CBSE 2016 Class 12 Chemistry- Topics

ISolid State23
IVChemical Kinetics
VSurface Chemistry
VIIsolation of Elements19
VIIp-Block Elements
VIIId- and f-Block Elements
IXCoordination Compounds
XHaloalkanes and Haloarenes28
XIAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers
XIIAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
XIIIOrganic Compounds containing Nitrogen
XVIChemistry in Everyday Life