CBSE 2016 Class 12 Physics- Download Paper and Complete Analysis

Previous Year Physics CBSE Class 12 2016 - Complete Analysis

In this article, we are going to analyse CBSE 2016 Class 12 Physics question paper. The question paper is also given for download in pdf format.

CBSE 2016 Class 12 Physics was conducted on March 5, 2016. The paper was lengthy and pretty difficult to understand as there were tricky questions. The paper has more than expected questions on electromagnetic waves.

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CBSE 2016 Class 12 Physics- Download Pdf

CBSE 2016 Class 12 Physics- Complete analysis

This is a complete analysis of Physics paper of class 12 under the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE). The below information is about the difficulty part of this exam and the topics. Hence go through the below information and help yourself with the necessary information.

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CBSE 2016 Class 12 Physics- Difficulty level

This year’s physics paper was very difficult as compared to previous years. Despite physics being a scoring subject, the students did not get high marks.

Even the students who were scoring well in their pre-boards and other preparatory exams were quite unhappy with the paper. Most students were very disappointed with the paper.

Most of the students had difficulty in understanding the questions, which they thought was framed in an indirect and tricky manner. They also found the paper to be very lengthy and had difficulty in answering all the questions within stipulated time.

There was much time consumption in figuring out which question belongs to which topic, due to which there was insufficient time in answering all the questions properly. Compared to last years’ question paper, it was very complex this year. Some students were expecting passing marks only.

CBSE Class 12 Question Paper 2016 Solved pdf

CBSE 2016 Class 12 Physics- Pattern

 Topic Name Marks


Unit-IICurrent Electricity
Unit-IIIMagnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism


Unit-IVElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Unit–VElectromagnetic Waves


Unit–VIIDual Nature of Radiation and Matter


Unit–VIIIAtoms and Nuclei
Unit–IXElectronic Devices


Unit–XCommunication Systems



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