Revision Tips for IGCSE Grade 12 Students

Revision Tips for IGCSE Grade 12 Students

Revision Tips for IGCSE Grade 12 Students – Vagupu provides the best revision tips, specimen papers, study resources and study guide for IGCSE Grade 12 Students

Revision tips for IGCSE Grade 12 students

If you are preparing hard for the IGCSE Grade 12 exams and want to score the top marks, you should go through these revision tips. These will help you to optimise your time. Hard work is good thing, but studying smartly is even better. These revision tips are based on feedback of past students, who got good marks.

Invest time in preparing revision timetable

It is important to invest sometime in preparing your revision timetable. This will help you in prioritising your tasks. Your goal should be to accomplish one thing at a time. You should identify your weaknesses. Focus on them in starting, rather than leaving them till the end.

Organise your timetable as per your priorities, strengths and weaknesses. Once done, stick to your revision timetable.

Practice from past year papers

It is said that history repeats itself. IGCSE Grade 12 are no different. Ask any high performer, he/ she will tell you that learn from the history. That is why, you should practice from past year papers. This will help you to test your skills in exam like conditions. In addition, you will know exam pattern, type of questions and time management. Here are past year IGCSE Grade 12 papers.

Work with your friends

Team work is always better than solo performance. Your friends are also facing same issues and stress as you. You can reduce your workload by working along with your friends, at the same time you might get new perspective for the same problem or topic.

If you are not that open with your class friends, then you can do the same in different online communities. Vagupu has some of the best tutors for IGCSE Students. You can take their help anytime

Don’t be a book worm. Do physical activities

Spending 10-12 hours studying is not going to help you. There is a reason of physical exercises in your course curriculum. These physical activities will help you in balancing your mental tension and staying fit.

If you are having a mental block, take a break and go out and have some fresh air. Do whichever physical work you like to do. Regular breaks improve your mental activity.

You’re unique, so is your learning style

No two persons in the world have same mental capabilities. Same is true about learning methodology. If certain style works for your friend in understanding literature, there is no guarantee that the same will work for you.

You need to keep on trying different styles, till you find the one which suits you the best. Or you can take help from the experts like your teachers or the outside faculty.

Increase your knowledge base

Just reading your textbooks for the knowledge is not the right way to study. You should diversify your study sources, like podcasts, videos, documentaries, journals etc. You should try different things and yourself find out which information and view point suits you best.

Use mind maps to connect dots

Everything in this world is connected to one another. It might be difficult for you to remember everything, if you try to remember all the information in stand alone fashion. Instead you should create mind maps to improve your memory and your recall ability. By making associations, you will connect different ideas and memorise them faster.

Different subjects require different strategy

It isn’t obvious but many students do try to study for different subjects using the same study methods. Your revision should take account of the difference between your subjects and the challenges they represent.

For example, Flashcards are an ideal study tip to help you prepare for a language exam where you need to remember key terms. Take up an Online Quiz which is a great way to test your Maths skills with sample questions.

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