SAT 2017- Exam dates, Syllabus, Pattern, Eligibility, Registration Process

sat-2017 exam dates, syllabus, exam pattern, registration process, important dates

SAT 2017 Exam – We have created this post for your benefit, so that you can find all the relevant information about SAT exam at one place and don’t have to waste your precious time in looking anywhere else. Here you can find all the information about the exam like SAT exam dates, syllabus, pattern, eligibility for SAT, registration process etc.


It is called as Scholastic Assessment Test, this test is intended to assess a student’s readiness for college. It is a paper-based standardized test which is mandatory for applying to most of the colleges and universities that are situated in the United States. Higher your SAT scores higher the chances of securing admission. There are chances of scholarship as well.

SAT Exam Eligibility

SAT is taken by those high school students who aspire their higher education in the US. SAT scores also impel a student’s eligibility to receive their academic scholarships.

Types of SAT

SAT is of two types :-

  1. SAT I and
  2. SAT II (Subject Test)


Test Date

Normal Deadline

Late Registration* 

Online Score Release

January 21, 2017December 21, 2016January 10, 2017February 23, 2017
March 11, 2017February 10, 2017February 28, 2017April 13, 2017
May 6, 2017April 7, 2017April 25, 2017June 8, 2017
June 3, 2017May 9, 2017May 24, 2017July 12, 2017

*The late registration deadline is one week earlier if you are registering by mail.

SAT Syllabus

SAT-I Syllabus

The SAT I tests includes the following 3 sections:-

  1. Critical reading skills
  2. Math skills
  3. Writing skills

The concept of SAT is to analyse the years of academic skills that students have been developed. The SAT writing sections will assess your ability to improve your writing samples, identify writing errors, and produce your own clear and coherent essay.

  • SAT-1 Critical Reading Syllabus

    This includes three sections:

  • Reading comprehension – 25 min

It test consists of a lot of passages followed by questions to be answered using the information given in the passages.

  • Sentence completions25 min 

These problems will require filling in the blanks with appropriate word.

  • Paragraph-length critical reading – 20 min.


  • SAT-1 Mathematics Syllabus

    There are three sections under this:

  • Algebra and functions – 25 min
  • Geometry Statistics – 20 min
  • Probability and Data analysis – 20 min

In total there will be 54 questions.

  1. Multiple-choice – 44 questions.
  2. Find answers on your own – 10 questions.


  • SAT-1 Skill in Writing Syllabus

   The SAT writing has three sections:

  • Essay section – 25 min,
  • Multiple choice sections lasting – 25 min & 10 min


SAT I – Exam Duration

The test is of 3 hours and 45 minutes overall. That includes three critical reading sections, three math sections, three writing sections including an essay section, and an experimental section that may resemble any of the aforementioned sections.

Every test last nearly 25 minutes.


What is the purpose of SAT II Test?

Subject Tests (formerly SAT II: Subject Tests or SAT II Tests) measure your knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, and your ability to execute that knowledge.

SAT-II (Subject Tests)

It includes exam in 22 subjects such as:

Writing (with an Essay), Literature, U.S.History, World History, Math Level IC, Math Level IIC, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, French Reading with Listening, Spanish Reading with Listening, Modern Hebrew Reading, Italian Reading, Latin Reading with Listening, Japanese Reading with Listening, Korean Reading with Listening, Chinese Reading with Listening, and the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT).

Subject Tests are meant to analyse and measure your knowledge and skills in some particular subject areas and also your ability to apply that knowledge.

The SAT Subject Tests are the only national admissions tests that helps you exhibit your grip in content in some specific subjects such as: English, history, mathematics, science, foreign languages and various other subjects.

Many colleges use this Subject Tests for admission, for course placement, and to advise students about course selection. Some colleges specify the Subject Tests that they require for admission or placement while others allow applicants to choose the tests that that they wish to take. These tests interprets how qualified you are for college-level work in particular subjects. Used in combination with other background information, they provide a dependable measure of your academic achievements and predicts well of your future college performance in specific subject areas.

Five General Subject areas as as follows:-

  1. English
  2. History
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Languages

SAT II Exam Duration

All Subject Tests are for 1 hour, multiple-choice tests. Despite, some of these tests have unique formats.

SAT Exam Pattern

As mentioned above, SAT consists of three major sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing.

  1. Each section receives a score on the scale of 200–800. All scores are multiples of 10. Total scores are calculated by adding up scores of the three sections.
  2. Each major section is divided into three parts.
  3. There are 10 sub-sections, including an additional 25-minute experimental or “equating” section that may be in any of the three major sections.
  4. The experimental section is used to normalize questions for future administrations of the SAT and does not count toward the final score.

SAT Exam Calendar

SAT exam is conducted seven times a year in the United States; which are in the following months of October, November, December, January, March (or April, alternating), May, and June.

The test is typically offered on the first Saturday of the month for the November, December, May, and June administrations.

In other countries, SAT is conducted on the same dates as in the United States except for the first spring test date (i.e., March or April), which is not offered.

Candidates may either take the SAT Reasoning Test or take exam for three SAT Subject on any given test date, except the first spring test date because only SAT Reasoning Test is offered.


  1. Candidates whose religious beliefs prevent them from taking the test on a Saturday may request to take the test on the following Sunday, except on the October test date in which the Sunday test date is for eight days after the main test offered. Such requests must be made at the time of registration if not they would be subjected to denial.
  2. Students with verifiable disabilities such as physical and learning disabilities are eligible to take up SAT with accommodations . The standard time is increased for students requiring additional time due to learning disabilities is upto 50%.

Registration Process for SAT exam

Candidates who aspire to take this test must register online at the College Board’s website, by mail, or by telephone, at least three weeks before the test date.

SAT Exam Fee

The SAT Reasoning Test costs $45 ($71 International).

Basic Registration Fee – $20

For each SUBJECT (except language) – $9

language tests with listening – $20 each


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