SAT 2017 FAQs – All Your Queries Answered


Dear SAT Aspirants,

As SAT application deadline of January 10, 2017 is approaching, many of you are getting anxious about the SAT exam. Here are answers of some SAT questions, we have received in last few days.


Q What is the cost of SAT exam?

Ans The registration fee for taking New SAT is $94. If you want to take essay as well, then you need to pay extra $12.

Q Can I take SAT I and SAT II on same date?

Ans No

Q Does admission in universities depend only on SAT scores?

Ans There are many criteria that the admission council looks at before making decision. A good SAT score improves chances of getting admission and financial aid. SAT has major role in the later.

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Q How do I register for SAT?

Ans You can register online. The detailed information about SAT registration can be found at

Q How many times can I take tSAT?

Ans You can take SAT as many times as you want. . However we would not advice attempting SAT too many times.

Q What is the validity of SAT exam?

Ans Your SAT score will be valid for 5 years from the date the test was taken.

Q What is the scoring pattern of SAT exam?

Ans Following is the scoring pattern of New SAT

  • Mathematics – 200-800
  • Critical Reading – 200-800
  • The Essay – 2-8
  • Whole SAT scoring – 400-1600

You can check syllabus and pattern of SAT here. 

Q How soon do I get my score?

Ans Generally, SAT scores are available within 3 weeks of the exam.

Q If I take SAT more than once, which score will be considered for admission by the universities?

Ans Almost all the major universities take the best SAT score in consideration

Q Do I need SAT score at the time of applying to universities?

Ans You should be ready with your SAT scores at the time of applying to universities.

Q Is writing essay mandatory in SAT?

Ans Most of the top 50 colleges require or recommend applicants to write the essay. List of colleges that have made it mandatory are

Q Can I start applying for the colleges before completing my high school

Ans Yes

Read following article- SAT Do’s and Don’ts

Q I am a High School Junior. Can you please suggest the ideal dates for giving the SAT?

Ans There are no ideal dates. You should choose the dates whenever you are 100% rady for the SAT.

Q In the high school, I have not taken Math. Can I study computer science in college?

Ans It totally depends on the university if they will accept non-math students for computer related programs. Chances are less, but still if you are able to convince them, then you are in luck.

Q It has been 8 years, since I have passed high school. Can I still get good colleges after appearing for SAT.

Ans I will advice you to first check with the colleges, where you want to apply. You must have a very good reason for your gap period.

Can you suggest me the best book for preparation of SAT.

Ans Best books for SAT preparation are

  • The Official SAT Study Guide
  • SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published.
  • Princeton Review 500+ Practice Questions for the New SAT
  • Kaplan New SAT 2016 Strategies, Practice, and Review with 3 Practice Tests

Q Do applicants for non-math courses also need to take SAT

Ans If the university, you are applying, requires SAT, then you need to take SAT

Q Does the high school marks matter in the SAT

Ans No. But they will matter during the admissions.

Q I am in Kenya, doing my high school. I just love robotics. I wish to pursue my studies abroad. Can you suggest the way through?

Ans Requirement of every country and university is different others. Focus on your academics right now. You should prepare for SAT and TOEFL. You should also keep visiting university websites for entry requirements and criteria, prepare accordingly

Q I am studying in Bangalore, India in class 11. I want to do astronomy in under-graduation. Will SAT help me for abroad studies? Where should I write it?

Ans SAT 1 is the exam you are looking for. For SAT exam requirements and exam centres, check the the SAT official website.

Q I am in class 11 with PCM. I want to do automotive engineering from Switzerland? What do I need to do for that.

Ans You can apply for UG courses in Switzerland. You also need to understand that almost all the UG courses are taught in German. You need to learn German and have excellent academic record. You may also require SAT, based on requirements of the university.

Q Hey. I’m in Malaysia right now, and I hadn’t considered trying for colleges in the USA till around few months ago. Can I still get into a USA college next academic year if I took my SATs right now?

Ans  The application process for the colleges in USA should start a year before the academic session. I am afraid you are too late. Late rounds deadlines are mostly till Feb 1st week. You should start the application process for the 2018 intake from now with SAT preparation.

Q Do we need to do the college preparatory programs, before applying. Stanford has recommended me to do the college preparatory programs.

Ans The college preparatory program in Stanford is for grades 8-11 students. In the tough competition, one student who has attended preparatory programme might get some advantage over others.

Q Can you tell me about the level of math in SAT exam.

Ans Level of Math problems in SAT1 is very easy, you can think of your middle school math. But if you are thinking of SAT II, then you should be prepared for advanced level of High school Math. You should read this article for full information on SAT 2017 – SAT 2017 – Exam Dates, Syllabus, Pattern, Registration Process

Q I was unable to appear for SAT Exam held in November 2016. Would that attempt will be counted or not?

Ans If you were absent or didn’t attempt SAT, you can change your test date by paying a nominal fee. You don’t need to register again for the SAT.

Q I want to apply in a medical university in Europe. Will I be able to get scholarship on the basis of SAT biology? Is mathematics compulsory if you are medical student?

Ans Math is compulsory for SAT. For scholarship, you should have a good profile (good academics, extracurriculars etc) and a very good SAT score. Do check specific universities where you want to apply, since most of the European universities do not require SAT.

Q I need information on taking SAT/ACT in Nigeria

Ans Check the following links

Q Once I clear my SAT examination, what are the next steps to get enrolled in the school?

Ans College application involves many things apart from SAT. It needs academic records, essays, recommendations, extra circulars etc.

Q What is the extra fee for late registration to the SAT test?

Ans $28

Q My son is planning to appear in SAT exam soon. But he do not have a passport. What can we do

Ans He doesn’t need a passport to appear in SAT. A student ID or driver’s license is fine.

Q I was late for my June 4 SAT test. If I want to appear in next SAT exam, do I have to pay. I had a fee weaver for June test.

Ans College Board only provides 2 fee waivers. If you used your first fee waiver in June, then you can use the second wavier for next exam.

Q How does the SAT compare to the PSAT?

Ans SAT is very similar to PSAT in general and as the material it covers. SAT is slightly longer than PSAT.

Q What is the difference between Chemistry SAT II and AP Chemistry?

Ans AP Chemistry Exam is longer and more difficult than the Chemistry SAT Subject Test.

The Chemistry Subject Test:

  • 85 multiple choice questions
  • 60 minutes total
  • Scores – 200-800

The AP Chemistry test:

  • 60 multiple choice questions
  • Seven free response questions (four short and three long)
  • 3 hours and 15 minutes total
  • Scores – 1-5

Q Please tell, if one year is enough for SAT prep for non-native English speakers?

Ans There is no universal answer for this question. Best way to find out would be to attempt diagnostic test. There you can check the difference between your and SAT level.

Q When is the best time for a senior to take the SAT?

Ans In senior year, you should take SAT as soon as possible, preferably in the fall. This will give you enough time for the college application process. So you should register for the October or November SAT test date.

Q Does gap year affects SAT and college admissions?

Ans Gap year may affect your SAT and college admissions process. But that is only indirectly, nothing will happen directly. For SAT, because of the gap year, you might be little rusty in concepts, so have to work harder. For college admissions, you have to give genuine reason for the gap.

Q I have been told that all the USA High Schools are SAT test centres and have SAT Test Dates. Can you confirm this?

Ans: Not every high school in the USA is a SAT test centre. In addition, not every test centre offers SAT on every test date. To check your school is offering SAT on a certain date, you should visit the College Board website.

Q Which SAT test date should I take for early decision application?

Ans Try have your SAT scores by June for early decision applications.

Q Will taking SAT post-high school affects chances of international students?

Ans No

Q Can I switch SAT 1 and SAT 2 dates?

Ans Yes you can. You have to pay small fee for that.


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I hope we were able to answer your queries regarding SAT. If you still have some question, feel free to post that in the comment section given below. We will answer it as soon as possible.


Happy Learning

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