SAT English Quiz – Reading Comprehension

SAT Reading Comprehension Quiz

SAT English Quiz – Reading Comprehension – To help you in better SAT English preparation and to check in your present level, we have come up with SAT Reading Comprehension Quiz. This quiz will surely help you in checking your SAT preparation for Reading Comprehension topic. SAT Reading Comprehension Quiz

Improving your SAT English is one of the sure ways to improve your SAT score. Our quizzes are designed to develop your SAT English concepts and familiarity with exam level questions. Solving these questions will help you learn or recall required formulae and increase your problem solving speed.

SAT Reading Comprehension Quiz – Important SAT Reading Questions

There is a high probability that you might face questions based on similar concepts in your upcoming SAT exam. So buckle up, get your thinking hat on and go for it. All the best.

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SAT Reading Comprehension Questions

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

Direction- Read the passage carefully and answer the question given below. Situated in the valley of river Gargi, Baramula was a small tahsil of Khanjour District. A newly installed power plant there was to be commissioned soon. Hence the railway minister, Uttam Singh felt it necessary that the place should be well connected with Patrawa and Sheshnagar, the nearest big towns of the area. Moreover for a quick and safe transportation of employees coming from neighbouring towns daily, a railway bridge on river Gargi was essential. The minister decided to visit the site and discuss the plan with railway authorities at zonal railway head office. He asked Ramaswamy, his Secretary to do the needful. One fine morning Manikchand, the tahsildar of Baramula, got a call from district headquarters. The message was that immediately after his meeting with railway officials at Nagjod the minister will be reaching Baramula by a car, at around 1 p.m. Manikchand, and the local thanedar Ram Charan, remained in the porch of the Baramula dak bunglow for quite sometime but eventually driven by the heat to seek shelter in the sitting rooms, as it was a burning hot day and the minister’s arrival was delayed. After sometime noise of a car was heard. Manikchand rushed to the porch, and stood there with his hands covering his face. Unable to contain himself at the strange behaviour of Manikchand the minister asked him what he meant by insolently standing with his face covered. He said, Sir, as per the general instructions a tahsildar should not see a minister directly. I am only obeying orders.

1. According to the passage who informed Manikchand about the minister’s visit ?

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2. According to the passage what was the need of a railway bridge across the Gargi river ?

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3. According to the passage, what brought the minister to Baramula village ?

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4. According to the passasge the zonal office of the railway was at which of the following places ?

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5. Why could the tahsildar not stay for long in the porch of the dak bunglow ?

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6. The power station was built at which of the following places ?

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