SAT English Quiz – Sentence Correction

SAT English Quiz

SAT English Quiz – Sentence Correction – To help you in better SAT English preparation and to check in your present level, we have come up with SAT Sentence Correction Quiz. This quiz will surely help you in checking your SAT preparation for Sentence Correction/ Improvement topic.

Improving your SAT English is one of the sure ways to improve your SAT score. Our quizzes are designed to develop your SAT English concepts and familiarity with exam level questions. Solving these questions will help you learn or recall required formulae and increase your problem solving speed.

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SAT English Quiz – Important Sentence Correction Questions for SAT English Exam

The probability rate of facing the questions, based on similar concepts in your upcoming SAT exam. So buckle up, get your thinking hat on and go for it. All the best.

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SAT English Quiz – Sentence Correction

1. A prolific architect who worked from the turn of the century until the late 1950’s, Julia Morgan designed nearly 800 buildings in California, perhaps most notably William Randolph Hearst’s monumental estate at San Simeon.

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2. A proposal has been made to trim the horns from rhinoceroses to discourage poachers; the question is whether tourists will continue to visit game parks and see rhinoceroses after their horns are trimmed.

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3. A recent national study of the public schools shows that there are now one microcomputer for every thirty-two pupils, four times as many than there were four years ago.

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4. A recent New York Times editorial criticized the city’s election board for, first of all, failing to replace outmoded voting machines prone to breakdowns, and secondarily, for their failure to investigate allegations of corruption involving board members.

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5. A recent study has found that within the past few years, many doctors had elected early retirement rather than face the threats of lawsuits and the rising costs of malpractice insurance.

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6. A recent study of ancient clay deposits has provided new evidence supporting the theory of global forest fires ignited by a meteorite impact that contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs and many other creatures some 65 million years ago.

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7. A recording system was so secretly installed and operated in the Kennedy Oval Office that even Theodore C. Sorensen, the White House counsel, did not know it existed.

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8. A report by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science has concluded that much of the currently uncontrolled dioxins to which North Americans are exposed comes from the incineration of wastes.

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9. A representative of the Women’s Bureau of the United States Department of Labor contends that employers who offer benefits which permit that employees can balance home and work responsibilities better, realizing gains in attendance, recruiting, and retention.

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10. A shy, religious-minded publisher who had married a duke’s daughter, Harold Macmillan’s rise to the position of Prime Minister in 1957 surprised many, though Churchill had since the 1930s been extolling Macmillan’s courage.

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