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In this article, you will be getting access to the official printable SAT practice tests, with full answer keys which are also available for free download. This article with comprehensive guide gives you access to more SAT official practice tests than any other guide out there.

Our Vagupu experts have given you the key strategies which you must be using to improve and further paves way for your best performance in your SAT examinations.

SAT Practice Tests (Questions, Answers, Explanations and Essay) New 1600 SAT Format

There are eight currently available practice tests for the redesigned SAT, provided by the College Board. These are the best tests to take up when studying for the SAT exam.

SAT Practice Tests, Old 2400 SAT Format (2005-2016)

These tests follow the old 2400 format of the SAT, with separate reading, math, and writing sections. Even for the new SAT, these tests are helpful for your studying. Remember, all these are used as training for the New SAT.

NOTE :- All the other years are repeats of these tests, including 2011-12, 2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09, 2006-07, and 2005-06. It is better taking these tests, as they’re the same tests as the 4 above which in turn saves your time.

SAT Practice Tests, Very Old Format (2004 and earlier)

SAT was changed previously in 2005 and now again in 2016 .Every test since then is the same format as the test you’re preparing for now.

Even after the test was changed in 2005, there were only a few major differences between the old-old SAT and the old 2400 SAT. Most of the test remained the same. This means these are a very precious papers of old tests that few students know about, so by taking these tests, you’ll have that much more of an edge over current students.

There are some cautions to remember before you take up this tests:

  1. Skip the analogies question in reading sections. These are the questions that look like “CAR : ENGINE :: “
  2. Skip the “comparison questions in math sections. These are the ones that show two boxes and ask you to choose whether A or B is greater.
  3. There are no Writing sections in these tests.

You must be happy as you need not take these questions – analogies were the main reason that the SAT had got a bad rap for forcing students to memorise vocabulary.

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