SAT Vocabulary Questions

SAT Vocabulary Questions

SAT Vocabulary Questions – To help you in SAT preparation, we are bringing SAT Vocabulary questions. These questions will help you in assessing your present preparation level.

Improving your SAT English section is one of the sure ways to improve your overall SAT score. Our vocabulary questions are designed to check your SAT Vocabulary preparation level and familiarity with words. Attempting these questions will help you increase your overall problem solving speed. These words are the most common SAT vocab words

SAT Vocabulary Questions

In questions below,  out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

How to improve your SAT Vocabulary

  • Learn atleast 10 new words per day.
  • May be maintain a notebook in which you can write down the words you learn everyday so you can look it up later. This will help you remember it.
  • Learn the Etymology. When you know the meaning of a Latin or Greek root, prefix or suffix, you can understand better and easily remember all the vocabulary words built on this element that exists in English words.
  • Learn one root and you will crack the meanings of up to ten, twenty or even more number of English words in which that Latin or Greek prefix or suffix appears.

 Video Lesson to Improve SAT Vocabulary

So buckle up, get your thinking hat on and go for it. All the best.

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