Social Science 6th Grade- Study Tips

class 6 study tips - social science

Dear 6th Grade Students,

Social science is the study of society and the manner in which people behave and influence the world around us. Social Science is thought of as one of the most boring subjects but there is always a way where you can make it an interesting subject. In this article below we have given you the trick of studying social. Therefore read this article below thoroughly and learn the ideas and enjoy your social studies.

While in class 6 the benefits of studying social sciences may not be apparent to you, rest assured there are definitely many benefits. History, Geography, Civics, whichever may be your most favorite or least favored, the time has come to study! And here are some tips!

Tips – Social Science Class 6

Following these tips helps you in easily challenging this subject social science.

  1. Start preparing early so that you get time to revise the concepts during exam times.
  2. While going through the chapters, keep preparing flash cards for the important dates and facts. These prove fruitful in times of revision.
  3. While learning long answers, try to form a link between the different events. Try to relate the concepts by asking yourself questions like what happened after this and why.
  4. Try to memorize the long answers in the form of points instead of paragraphs.
  5. Remembering the timelines is extremely important in history. You cannot expect to good scores without mentioning the timelines.
  6. Good writing skills can help you in impressing the examiner and fetch you excellent scores.
  7. Try to understand the facts instead of cramming them. Understanding can help in them for longer duration.
  8. Try to relate the concepts with the real life events.
  9. Always attempt the short questions first. The lengthy questions should be attended at the end.
  10. In case you forget some answer do not waste time on that question istead move to the other questions later you can get back to that previous question.
  11. Take out some time for revising the paper. Revision helps in rewriting the mistakes.
  12. Work on your speed.
  13. Do not leave any question as even if you write some related facts which are not exactly the answer to the asked question can fetch you some marks.

10 Important Questions

  1. Mention any four Uses of Stone Tools and four uses of Fire?
  2. What do you understand by the term Unity in Diversity? Explain?
  3. The Study of Inscriptions is called ( ) Epigraphy /Biography/Geography/Astronomy
  4. Why does the Torrid Zone receive maximum amount of heat?
  5. Why did Kings want to control the silk route?
  6. What are the four major domains of the earth? Explain about any two.
  7. Which region produces the pashmina wool? ladakh / Jamshedpur / Kolkatta / Delhi
  8. Write the difference between Samir Ek and Samir Do?
  9. What does the constitution say with regard to equality? Why do you think it is important for people to be equal?
  10. Locate and label the following features on the map of Indiai.
  • Deccan plateau
  •  Great Indian Desert
  •  Western Ghats
  • Paleolithic site- Bhimbetaka
  •  Neolithic site- Burzahom
  •  Megalithic site- Brahamagiri
  •  Ganga

Have a positive attitude and work hard.

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